My name is Warren Ross and I am a freelance writer and community organiser with a longstanding interest in finance and economics. For 25 years, I worked as an information, business and database analyst for leading Australian financial organisations in Sydney. In part, I have created this site to save myself from repeating the same posts and arguments over and over again in reply to questions raised on social media. I am not an economist and other than the simple introductory concepts raised in this blog will refer to the relevant experts beyond that point.

A firm believer in community action, I was both director and committee member, for many years, of one of Australia’s largest community events – the Katoomba Winter Magic Festival, managed a local exchange trading system, am a board member of a local NDIS provider and am currently working in health care.

In recent times, I have taken a deep interest in the Covid-19 narrative. None of it makes sense and most of my recent working has been directed to unpicking this.

My background is working class and this site will proudly reflect those values.

With the illustrations on these pages, I have also been experimenting with drawing and cartooning. 

I live in Katoomba, Blue Mountains, West of Sydney, with my wife and family.

Warren Ross
email: katwlr@pro

2 thoughts on “Who Is This?

  1. Fantastic, I have been studying (informally) for about 5 years, since I came accross Steven Hail and Bill Mitchell and Warren Mosler.

    Over the last 2 years I have tried to promote discussion (facebook) about where money comes from, and have found extreme reluctance from most readers to even consider any discussion outside their preconceived notions based on their individual household money user view of how money works.

    Good to see others recognising that “Where money comes from” is a key to macromoney literacy.

    I would like to cut and paste the odd pieces from your very readable text, of course I would append your name?

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