Lie Number One
The vaccines are for your own good

There has been an insane political debate
about the speed of Australia’s vaccination program. Our Prime Minister (PM) backed AstraZeneca (AZ) as his favoured injection tool for Australia. But an alarming failure of media policy brought reports of deaths and adverse reactions to public awareness. Australia’s Technical Advisory Group on Immunisation (ATAGI) also came out arguing that younger people would be better off staying away from AZ.

Public terror shifted, briefly, from the virus to the vaccines. People stopped turning up for appointments and media attempted to repair the problem by telling us Pfizer is “the safe one”. We should choose that instead. All solved but NO. We now found that our neglectful PM’s AZ choice had another downside. There weren’t enough Pfizer cocktails to go around. So our leaders decided to save this precious product for the vulnerable elderly.

We are an ambitious nation. The desire to protect every mammal with a heartbeat across the nation from a virus with 0.003956% kill rate is certainly ambitious. And we need to do it fast. The PM has an election coming up. It was at this moment that the Labor Party opposition’s normally supine political instincts smelt blood. It’s leader, Anthony Albanese, led the attack to get that gene therapy into our arms “yesterday” and even that may not be soon enough. Media couldn’t get enough of him and his team.

In response, the PM began pressuring ATAGI to reverse its position on vaccinating young people. Increasingly shrill reports of the infectious nature of the Delta virus swung the balance in favour of vaccination at any cost. Stories of people being infected over the phone or in zoom meetings were no longer the dreams of Bill Gates’ mad uncle. These problems were real.

I reluctantly report that a recent Federal Cabinet meeting accepted ATAGI’s recommendation and the plan is to vaccinate 12-15 year old children. We expect this to expand to newborns and in utero injections before the year’s out. To this end, media clamours after young people who will tell other young Australians of their lifelong dream to be part of an vaccine experiment. Hyperbole? Only just.

Adding to the excitement are the growing overseas stories of breakthrough infections in already vaccinated people. This doesn’t slow media and political rhetoric one bit. Cognitive dissonance is upheld at the cost of sanity. Such stories are growing here. People get vaccinated but remain infected and infecter. Booster shots are the ready answer. Presumably, they too will fail to match the marketing. Media will help us forget.

This is a long way from the Australia of 18 months ago. We are to ask no questions and accept the world that people like Gladys Berijiklian, Kerry Chant and Peter Doherty have laid out for us.

Kerry explained this new world a couple of days ago when she said:

We need to get used to being vaccinated with Covid vaccines for the future. I can’t see that Covid is not going to be with us forever….this will be a regular cycle of vaccination and revaccination as we learn more about when immunity wanes”.

“We need to get used to being vaccinated with Covid vaccines for the future. I can’t see that Covid is not going to be with us forever….this will be a regular cycle of vaccination and revaccination…”

Kerry Chant chief health officer NSW
28th August 2021

This is starting to look like what Shoshona Zuboff describes as the second stage of a process of incursion, habituation, adaptation, and redirection. The incursion was the initial disruption to our lives. This was the vaccine and its accomplices – lockdowns and masks. These were one-off sacrifices that we needed to make and it seems many of us were willing to make. We are now deepy imbedded in the habituation phase.

In her book, “Surveillance Capitalism”, Zuboff uses a stunning example of this practice. It was Google’s Street View project. This was when Google integrated all of our homes, towns and suburbs into its search engine and other platforms.

She explains: “Yes, when we leave our home we know we will be seen, but we expect to be seen by one another in spaces that we choose. Instead, it’s all impersonal spectacle now. My house, my street, my neighborhood, my favorite café: each is redefined as a living tourist brochure, surveillance target, and strip mine, an object for universal inspection and commercial expropriation”.

I doubt many people are aware of the towns and communities that resisted this incursion. Some fought hard not to be on this map. What did they see that we don’t? This was all pretty harmless. Surely, Zuboff’s projections are alarmist. Maybe but it wouldn’t hurt us to take a little time to reflect.

We should expect incursions like this to expand. Many we won’t notice. Last year, I was able to access an Excel file from Google covering the Blue Mountains, NSW, where I live. It told me how many people went to parks, shopped, went to work, took public transport over the Christmas period. This might seem off topic but I am describing an incursion that we have become habituated to. Perhaps, even more habituated than we realise. Do they know where you went? If you were carrying your mobile phone with the Google app, I reckon they do.

Strangely, I remember making the joke to friends a year ago that with Gates involved we will probably be looking at vaccine dose 1.0, 2.0, 3.0, 3.1, 3.2, 3.3….10.0. in much the way his Microsoft Office scam works. I didn’t really imagine it would come true.

With the distance we have come in this very short period of time, only a fool would fail to conjecture on what might come next. We know that restaurants and pubs will soon be open to vaccinated people but it appears this is about something other than compliance. Is this for own good? If it’s not, whose good is it for? This is a question we need answered.

One injection that “was going to protect our loved ones” has become two, and now with the booster become three. If Kerry Chant and Peter Doherty are right, there will be many more. For example, Pfizer is currently working on an mRNA based flu vaccine.

We are also hearing official messages that the vaccines don’t work the way they were sold to us. The one claim still standing is that it reduces the viral load. How long will that one last. A recent report by the Oxford University Clinical Research Group, published August 10, raises some doubts. It states:

“Viral loads of breakthrough Delta variant infection cases were 251 times higher than those of cases infected with old strains detected between March-April 2020”.

The report is not yet peer reviewed.

Despite the doubts over our vaccine project held by many in the community, our media, politicians and celebrity medics do not share them. Nor do they share their reasons for not sharing our doubts. They’d rather not talk about it. Asserting seems to work better. This group has formed a class of great certainty and conviction. For us to question their certainty is to be insolent, unpatriotic, a conspiracy theorist or anti-vaxxer.

We are expected to become habituated to the lowering of the age at which children will be vaccinated. Varied means are used to promote this habituation including social media. Norman Swan and Peter Doherty have taken to it with the same certainty tinged with acerbity.

Doherty has become our new Moses. Leading us to the promised land of 70-80% vaccination. We’re going to lose a few on the way but what is that as we blast towards these shining, moving, faltering goals.

Here, Professor Pete promotes a piece from Jeff Bezos’s Washington Post. It’s going to be at a lower dose and so a delight for children of all ages. According to treatment champion and cardiologist Peter McCullough, the comparatively low normal Pfizer vaccine dose, as opposed to the stronger Moderna, is the reason for the breakthrough infections in Israel. Wouldn’t that make vaccinating children a waste of time? Particularly, as it is rare for them to get sick from this virus, even from the Delta strain?

Anyway, what would people like me know? What is our opinion against people like Professor Doherty who, from his Twitter handle is an:


We don’t know much but that’s why we want to ask a few questions.

This is part 2 of a 6 part series.
Part 1 “What happened to the surplus”

See you tomorrow. One last link below to an extremely informative video about the Australian vaccine experience.

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“Those who have the privilege to know have the duty to act”

Warren Ross
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