[N]othing is more fatal to a people than great reforms, however excellent these reforms may appear theoretically.”

“The Crowd” Gustave Le Bon

Last week an erstwhile friend stopped me in the street long enough to call me selfish for not being vaccinated. He’d seen some of the pieces I had written recently and decided they were reason enough to reassess my character and put aside a friendship that extended over 30 years. It seems I had broken the trust that underpinned our relationship.

Who do you trust? Why do you trust them? These are important questions that major media organisations have been struggling to shape and control. The media battleground has been shaken up significantly in recent years. With the collapse of the traditional funding model, the fragile relationship between the mainstream media and the public has been shattered.

Trust in mainstream media has been waning for years. Journalists and editors once had the challenging role of pleasing their business or government masters. This had to be balanced against producing material entertaining enough for us to willingly pay for it directly or through the public purse.

Occasionally, this allowed real news to break through as brave editors and journalists gave us stories that told us how the world actually works. With the arrival of the internet and an abundance of information sources, our role as part funders of mainstream news was greatly diminished.

With the consensus and trust that came from our collective dilation on a few shared sources gone, clickbait replaced the consumer revenue streams. The relationship between powerful people who pay to have their world view presented and compliant media became uncomfortably transparent.

You might have thought with this lack of trust in media that selling the Covid-19 plandemic would be hard work.

You Really Must Know Who Edelman Is

Who is Edelman? It is the world’s largest public relations company by revenue. It is a company with close ties to the World Economic Forum. In this brief clip, Richard Edelman explains the dangers of fake news and that media is the least trusted institution in the world. “We don’t have shared facts”, he laments. He would soon help to address this. Whitney Webb offers a wonderful description of the company and its services.

She also describes its key role in Event 201 where an Edelman representative features prominently in calling on media to “Flood the Zone”. Just a minute later, our own Jane Halton, representing ANZ Bank, calls for cultivating safe and reliable sources. I suspect she ran off soon after to meet with Ita.

And Don’t bother looking up Flood the … on Google. It will try to trick you that the term is a Trumpism. It is much older and has wider application than Trump and Bannon. They just modified some Democrat tricks.

Image courtesy of Edelman Trust Barometer 2020-21. Conducted 18 October 2020 – 17 November 2020

Australia performed better than the average but this was off a low base. Astonishingly, for the same period, Australia showed an improvement in trust of social media and privately owned media. It will be fascinating to see the results for 2021-22. My own trust of media is at the level of payday lenders and Epstein’s seedy uncle.

Image courtesy of Edelman Trust Barometer – Australia 2020-21

With such a low level of trust how was media going to convince as much as 80% of the population to take a vaccine that had not gone through the usual testing process and was experimental in approach. This experiment would be played out in real time.

Enter the Trust Project.

The Trust Project

One way of creating trust is to make sure no-one hears anything that challenges what you want them to trust. Achieving this would seem to be an enormous and almost incomprehensibly difficult challenge. There would need to be collaboration on an almost unthinkable scale. It would require organisations with extraordinary reach, resources and influence.

Organisations like the ones listed below have aided mainstream media in a remarkably ruthless program of fear and censorship. Very little has been allowed to challenge the mainstream narrative. Where it has, it may even have been planned.

The Trusted News Initiative * The Trust Project * Journalism Trust Initiative * The Trust in News Project* First Draft * Edelman Trust Barometer * Instagram Trust Score * Facebook Trust Score and an ever expanding number of fact checking organisations

“Starting today, partners in the Trusted News Initiative will alert each other to disinformation about coronavirus, including “imposter content” purporting to come from trusted sources. Such content will be reviewed promptly to ensure that disinformation is not republished”.
from the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, one of the membera of the Trusted News Initiative.

It will take time for us to understand the linking between these organisations. The Trusted News Initiative seems to be a formal group and the Trust Project has considerable cross-fertilisation with it as do various fact-checkers. All of these groups have one thing in common. They want to sell us trust. They also want to sell us fear.

All of these groups have one thing in common. They want to sell us trust. They also want to sell us fear.

We have been sold a version of the world with fear as its main feature.
Fear of the virus;
Fear of a shortage of vaccines to save us from the virus;
Fear of catching the virus from friends, family and neighbours;
Fear of killing friends, family and neighbours by not getting the vaccine;
Fear of getting the wrong vaccine and then being told any vaccine will do;
Fear of being caught without your mask;
Fear of being dobbed in by neighbours;
Fear of getting too close to others;
Fear of losing our jobs;
Fear of losing our business;
Fear of not complying to today’s rules;
Fear of the unvaccinated;
Fear of poverty.

Which of these ingenious behavioural scientists’ nudges have I missed?

Some fears such as injuries or deaths from the vaccines are either ignored or denied. There has been a complete media blackout on anything that might deter one from getting these “safe and effective” experimental gene therapies.

In turn, this has worked to brand anyone who questions the official line as misguided at best or supporters of extremists. No nuance or subtlety is allowed. You are either “with us or agin’ us”. Even so the contradictions are many and obvious.

Murdoch the Double Agent

For many people who see themselves on the left, anything coming out of Rupert Murdoch’s empire carries the stench of malign self-interest. This is how the Craig Kelly / Alan Jones ejaculations are viewed by the left. But this is where it gets interesting. In the main, Murdoch’s elves are working as hard as anyone on the New York Times, Google or Pfizer to get all of us injected. Watch this and tell me whether Dr Claire Hooker, who appeared in a Murdoch publication, is running an anti-vax line.

This clip appeared on the same NEWS page as a story rubbishing people trying to save their jobs due to government mandate. In a related court case, the exceptionally well-funded Professor Kristine Macartney, defended the safety of vaccines and promoted their injection in pregnant women. This is further than even Pfizer is willing to go.

I love the little snort she gives at “Some people think….haha….vaccines contain a microchip”

My reason for presenting the clip featuring Dr Hooker is that it is a wonderful example of media and expert collaboration. I love the little snort she gives at “Some people think….haha….vaccines contain a microchip”. You will note that it began by her presentation of one of the more extreme or ridiculous anti-vaccine arguments. She then seems to contradict herself over the use of foetal cells and moved on to tell us Big Pharma is in this for love (see clip below on Pfizer profits).

The most egregious of her comments came at the closing. In discussing natural immunity, she told us that being young fit and healthy doesn’t protect you from getting Covid-19. She added that there is no evidence that the immune response is any stronger or longer lasting than the vaccine. And then the killer closing: “Vaccines are just another form of natural immunity”.

When she is not freelancing for Murdoch and Big Pharma, Claire works at Sydney University where an energetic team of behavioural scientists have been working to develop strategies to scare and gaslight us as the situation demands. Below is an example of the sort of work they tweeted during the week.

“Discussion guide for GPs and other professionals when patients cannot get a medical exemption to a COVID-19 vaccine”.
Julie Leask Vaccine Uptake Adviser to the WHO and a colleague of Claire Hooker’s at Sydney University.

NB: As far as I know, exemptions are almost impossible to get as it appears doctors have been told not to give them. If this is not true, I would greatly appreciate someone setting me straight. Until that time, I will consider concern expressed in the above timeline to be somewhat disingenuous.

Only in a climate so unbelievably uncritical could anyone imagine a health professional, like Dr Hooker, stating the above without attracting considerable blowback.

No Questions Are Allowed

In Australia, nothing breaks through the wall of trusted news. I know this has parallels in many parts of the world. The anglophone countries along with Italy, France and Germany seem to be standouts.

Nothing is questioned inside their walled cities. Outside them shunned experts in relevant fields question the value of masks, lockdowns, social distancing. From inside we hear stories of rare adverse events. Outside, we hear we are living through calamitous cases of experimental gene therapy induced myocarditis, pericarditis and thrombosis. We hear of young fit people experiencing horrendous side effects. But nothing breaks through to our media.

There is no attempt to bring accuser and defender of these horrific events together to find the truth. We needn’t listen to those the left despise to develop an understanding of the effectiveness of treatment like Ivermectin. There are many well-credentialled credible people who can make this case. Yet, “trust” demands we are not exposed to them.

The Indian Bar Association is now suing the former head of the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR), Ms Soumiya Swaminathan. She is accused of using her position as Chief Scientist at the World Health Organisation (WHO) to influence the Indian Government to deny access to lifesaving treatments. If convicted, she faces the death penalty or life in gaol. The use of Ivermectin in India has brought a dramatic drop in infections and deaths. Our media will not discuss it. We are not trusted with this information.

In Australia, treatments like Ivermectin and its use have been subject to planned, official mockery. The first three episodes of a new ABC program, “Question Everything” gave considerable time to laughing at the vaccine resistant position. Anyone who promotes Ivermectin is a horse paste user.

Most are unaware it has been taken by humans 3.7 billion times and this figure is bound to be over 4 billion by the time this farce is over. Yet, no opportunity is provided for reasoned debate. No counter position is allowed to challenge the orthodoxy.

I believe denial of these treatments and the gap it has left in our country’s official Covid-19 protocol has killed people”.

I believe denial of these treatments and the gap it has left in our country’s official Covid-19 protocol has killed people. As politicians and media celebrities lament rising numbers of hospital and ICU entrants the reason for these developments remains unexamined. We are told test….isolate and wait? For what? This is madness.

The Trust Network had one great advantage. Lies and deception are of a scale never before experienced by the average citizen.

The Trust Network had one great advantage. Lies and deception are of a scale never before experienced by the average citizen. Many, including me, had difficulty believing this was happening. Never before has this level of conformity across media, government and health been imagined let alone achieved.

Who could have imagined our health system being weaponised against us and abused in such a fashion? Even now, the bulk of the population don’t seem to accept that this has happened. They expect us to return to a new normal but it will it be normal? I fear it won’t. We have been taken too far and in such a strange direction for this to end here.

So what is all this about? We might start by looking at who are the winners and losers.

Winners and Losers?
The Winners

Behavioural Scientists
For them this must be a dream. The opportunity to use all they’ve learned to turn a country if not the world in a certain direction must have those champagne corks popping. We can reasonably assume this will lead to many future funding and job opportunities. It appears deception has a great future.

When Donald Trump’s pre-election mastermind, Steve Bannon, spoke of “Flooding the Zone” the enemy he was fighting was the media. Not the Democrats. Trump was an aberration. Not a welcome one, just an aberration. The world that organisations like Google, Facebook, the New York Times know and influence is one that sits most comfortably with administrations like the Biden one.

These major media players have just combined with governments and their biggest sponsors, Big Pharma, to make a fortune. They now know they can lead populations anywhere they want as long as those populations don’t wake up to what is going on. This is the role of the Trust Project. Expect it to expand.

Celebrity Medics
None of this has been achieved without money. We can fairly assume that money has bought considerable loyalty and devotion from this group. We see the same faces running from one zoom performance to another all reading from the same script.

Some want us locked down harder but all want us locked down. Some want two years olds injected and all agree that the vaccines are safe for everyone at any time. Some want us to wear masks up the street. Others want us wearing them at home. The mask’s most important role is in virtue signalling. Are you a good person? The mask makes that clear.

Big Tech
Through its relationship with Big Pharma and a future filled with mRNA vaccines for colds and grazes, wearables and ingestibles, this promises them a golden age. Companies like Amazon and other online delivery platforms have been big winners from lockdowns. Their activities are a little outside the scope of this story but it is impossible to leave them out.

Big Pharma
Despite Dr Hooker’s assurances, this group is making a killing. Years of lobbying, funding and corrupting of government agencies is paying off. This group’s extraordinary efforts to promote pharmaceutical solutions to mental illness programs across the world has not worked in the interest of their patients.

This is particularly true in the USA and even more so in Australia where celebrity spokespeople promote their cause. Their influence is now set to accelerate through new mRNA platforms designed for every ailment regardless of suitability. And the great news is no matter how many people they kill, Big Pharma execs will be indemnified.

As long as they keep their friends in government and media on side, this will be a golden age for the pharmaceutical giants. And why shouldn’t it continue. There is plenty of money to make sure that happens.

Politicians and Government
It depends on your perspective. As a body representing the public, this period has been a disaster for trust in government. However, for individual politicians their role in this psyops project may well work as a job application. I am sure many see great futures working as agents of Big Tech, Big Finance, filling strategic roles in academia or in NGOs now that the usual mining company sinecures are closing out.

Property Agents
It is hard to imagine that the closure of whole towns and large sections of cities won’t have any impact on the property market. I’ll leave this for others to expand on but the impact here cannot be anything other than huge.

The Losers

As a public body, governments are big losers. If their plan is to turn their backs on the population and join the winners above, it could not have been better formulated. Across the preceding neoliberal era, government, increasingly, has been swayed by money. Its agencies are filled by opportunists and political appointees, its policies shaped by bodies unanswerable to and dismissive of public need. They seem now to have made their final decisive step away from us.

Small Business
This sector been devastated by inane government policies such as selective lockdowns. The economics of these decisions are inexplicable.

The Public
We have lost trust in all of our institutions. They have all failed us.

It would need another article or two to cover our losses. Our relationship with government has been badly damaged. I am speaking to those who haven’t been hiding under the blankets in fear. For those who looked squarely at state and national government policies, few of them made any sense. We have been subjected to policies whose main objective was to drive us to these pseudo-vaccines regardless of the damage they do or the efficacy they provide.

Our Children
They have lost a couple of years of their lives. From the celebrity medics we hear happy tales of their resilience. From more serious and responsible sources we hear it is too early to assess the damage and it may be great.

Splitting of Families
One of the most appalling aspects of this sinister game is the destruction and division it has caused to families. There many and a growing number of stories of vaccines becoming a family splitting issue. Was this factored in? Probably, and some behavioural scientist is likely to receive an award for it.

Work and Income
The loss of jobs and income for many people who have chosen to resist this mad experiment is a disaster playing out now. We probably won’t hear about its full implications except from our own networks. From media, we’ll get glowing stories of economic recovery and stock market success. Elon Musk’s operation is now capitalised at $1 trillion joining Amazon, Google, Facebook and inherited money in this monstrous elite class. We can expect the plans these oligarchs have for our future to be played out in Act 2 of this tragedy.

With the exception of a very small number on the fringe, we can never trust our political class again. These multi-investment property owning spivs with their overly generous salaries, disdain for truth and love of collusion have betrayed us. We have lost whatever relationship we had with them. They won’t see this as a loss which is why they are also listed under winners.

Our Health System
It is now in shreds. The denial of key treatments in the early stages of illness and the coupling of that with media reports of rising hospitalisations and ICU visits was astonishing in its venality. The role of the TGA in lowering the bar to the point where Big Pharma merely needed to step over it is worthy of a Royal Commission on its own.

The Unions
The unions handed us over to Big Pharma without being asked and they certainly didn’t want to answer any questions. I wrote to the General Secretary of my union, the NSW Nurses and Midwives Union, Brett Holmes asking for the opportunity to ask questions on behalf of my union branch. No reply.

Just last week I noted the Media Entertainment and Arts Alliance is running a #vaxthenation campaign on behalf of out of work musicians. How much consultation did they do? There may be reasons that after nearly two years without work that they look longingly towards vaccines but it may have nothing to do with their efficacy.

Union madness and duplicity is perfectly exemplified by the badge below. If you are vaccine resistant then you are a fascist and we DO NOT need to discuss with you your reasons. Goebbels is applauding.

This has also been depicted on posters around my town

And finally the media. How can we have stories of vaccine induced injury so perfectly muzzled on one hand and inspired stories of vaccine success, which are obviously not true, on the other. Enough people believed media lies to make this a massive Pfizer, Moderna and AstraZeneca success.

There is big media like our Sydney Morning Herald and the ABC, in the US, the New York Times and CNN, in the UK the BBC. The big advertising dollar pays for their integrity. But shouldn’t you be able to trust your local media? Not if Julie Leask (see above) and her team have anything to do with it. In a video conference on pro-vaccine persuasion, Julie explained that it is good to get your local paper on side.

Someone from her team has certainly spoken to the Blue Mountains Gazette, my local paper. The editors there have experienced the plandemic as a succession of triumphs for modern medicine and our community. Our local state and federal politicians cannot get enough photos and stories printed of their vaccine zeal.

The only way you become aware of local dissent is in the bigoted bleatings of local society matrons on the letters page where they spit their self-loathing at supposedly uneducated anti-vaxxers.

Trust is broken across so many areas of our society. If you’re still quaking in vaccine fear or wearing a pro-union, pro-vax, anti-fascist badge, maybe you can’t see it but many of us can.

How can we ever trust these institutions and the lickspittles who fill their once valued public roles? Unless something significant changes, I expect even more betrayals.

Trust is now something you pay for. It is something owned not something you have. Something you impose not share.

How can we ever trust any of them again?

In closing, Neil Oliver goes a long way to express my concern and disgust. At around the 4 minute mark, he highlights the role of “Nudge Units”. In the UK instance, this is the Government’s Behavioural Insights Team. We have similar agents working in Australia. There role is to nudge you to do things you wouldn’t normally do. When their efforts fail, Government gives you a shove.

Warren Ross
email: katwlr@protonmail.com

2 thoughts on “How Can We Ever Trust Them Again?

  1. Hullo, writing from Italy. We have gone through, and it continues today, the exact same bullshit here. Thoroughly complicit media hammering the same official narrative 24/7, criminalizing the unvaccinated, urging people to rush out and get boosted and of course reassuring mums that the dose for 5 year olds is safe and effective. All paid for with the apparently unlimited amounts of money that’s been poured into the pockets of the media (big tax breaks), the vaccinating doctors and greedy pediatricians. On TV a procession of “experts” paid to terrorize the public, with occasional exclusives with the minister of health now desperate to keep the vaccine show on the road despite the disappointing performance of omicron. As in Australia, and everywhere else, the more the country vaccinates, the more people catch covid. One “expert” recently opined that the perfect combination for long-lasting immunity is vaccination and then catching the virus. The public has been super compliant, crowding into the vaccination hubs on command and walking out with their “green pass”, which guarantees their perfect state of immunity (even if still infectable/transmissible) until the next dose. Those without the nazi pass are condemned to total exclusion from the workplace, universities, banks, post offices, eateries, even barbershops. But there are about 7 million of them, all grinning and bearing it amid the total indifference of their vaccinated former friends. The challenge for Big Pharma now is to ensure this state of affairs continues through the warmer months when, regrettably, the number of covid cases will decline. The latest bright idea from the minister of health is to keep the restrictions and green passes in place while they study how the pandemic evolves in the Southern Hemisphere – so, come on Australia, to keep the plandemic going here, we need your ICUs overwhelmed this winter. That can be organized. Here hospitals are paid a bonus for covid ICU cases, see?

    1. Thanks for your comment, Brian. It is great to hear your perspective. Italy has been at the centre of this madness from the start, as you know. Yes, the compliance is maddening. There is no logic to this. People have working to develop the appropriate behavioural science tricks over many years. I keep hearing enthusiasts say that people are waking up. I can’t see it from here. Media is relentless and astonishing uniform in perspective. This makes the notion that they colluded on such a grand scale seem impossible. Yet, that is just what they have done. That is not a very Italian name.

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