This is a patriotic time.
Especially, with all these people injected and feeling pretty good about themselves. Some curmudgeons would call them smug. Not me. I simply want a bit of that admiration. With this in mind I want to put myself forward, and only me, as part of an experiment.

Alfred Hospital in Melbourne is using a new anti-viral drug, Favipirivir, in an experiment involving 120 people. The one I’m proposing will be much cheaper. The Melbourne experiment requires participants to take 18 tablets one day and 8 the next. You’d feel like putting a lid on yourself. Again, my test will use much less.

Let’s set the rules. Firstly, I’ll be exposed to Sars-Cov-2. Any variant will do. If my immune system doesn’t beat it back then the experiment can begin. If it does, my wife will step in. Once one of us is infected we’re away. For now, let’s assume the virus and I are in an embrace.

Choose a Protocol

At this point, testing staff can choose whether to treat my virus using the Ivermectin-Doxycycline-Zinc protocol proposed by the Covid Medical Network or the I-Mask protocol from Front Line COVID-19 Critical Care Alliance. The treatments would then be applied over an agreed time until one of two events.

Should I die, the test will be regarded a failure. Though, I recognise some may consider this a success, members of my immediate family will disagree. At least my Mum will. Well, she would have yesterday. Should I survive, we would wait an appropriate period and then attempt to reinfect me with any of a range of variants.

Should I die, the test will be a failure. Though, I recognise some may consider this a success, members of my immediate family will disagree.

The results must be available to the broader medical establishment for comment. We will also need to weed out those professionals who were paid, bribed or convinced to misrepresent the results of many larger, meta-analysed trials or official implementations of similar protocols.

Search for Independent Journalists

A vitally important component of the experiment will be to find independent journalists capable of reporting in an impartial, open way. They will also require a means of publishing that doesn’t censor their findings. Special quarantine arrangements will need to be made to bring such independence into Australia from overseas.

The aim of this project is to show the ease with which we might implement a treatment program in our cities, towns and suburbs. My survival in good health, I would argue, will show that households no longer need to be places where members of the family live in fear of each other.

With either of the treatments mentioned above, all members of the family could be free of infection and no longer seen as a threat to the broader community. Of course, this would require dropping of the currently popular test …… isolate …… replicate …. lips turn blue ….. ICU chant in favour of a test and treat option.

Of course, this would require dropping the currently popular test …… isolate …… replicate ……. lips turn blue …. ICU chant

The 11am chant

Finally, I am available any week Wednesday to Saturday for the next three weeks. After that time, my resistance to injection by experimental vaccine will increase my availability to 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. I look forward to hearing from any organisation wanting to join this exciting venture.

Warren Ross
email: katwlr@pro

2 thoughts on “I am a unvaccinated patriot

  1. Warren, I support your patriotism but unfortunately you know that either way your death or survival won’t be considered statistically significant in clinically proving anything although your death would be more much more widely published as anecdotal ‘evidence’ that the unvaccinated are doomed.

    1. Thanks for the warning. I have a crafty plan. I am not going to die. I am going to end up with one of the most durable and effective immune systems on the planet.

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