Here are a few clips that bear heavily on the debate we are not having with regard to Covid-19:

Rebel News is doing some great work. Their record of the Sydney and Melbourne rallies vary starkly from the official dismissive response to them. Here Avi Yemini presents Neil Oliver’s powerful challenge to “Leave the children alone”. I am with him on this. The strange madness that has underpinned this vaccine emergency has now gone too far. Do they really want to test these vaccines on newborns and two year olds. Yes, they do. Also see the Mottram / Blakely discussion below:

Neil OliverLeave the Children Alone

Sydney Bishop Mar Mari Emmanuel let’s loose on the Covid19 making an impassioned plea on behalf of all Australians

Another Sydney priest stand us

Sydney residents share their concerns about Covid-19 physical and informaton lockdown on 24 June 2021. Contrast this with Gaslighting by Experts below

Grace-Anne Kellymakes a unicorn. l love her work but her PCR test is a favourite.

Journalists Would Celebrate Our Execution

If the ultimate sentence for those of us who resist the current vaccine offering is execution, ABC journalists will celebrate the event. They are more likely to comment on the excellence of the executioner in the application of his craft. The efficiency of his gallows and the tortness of the rope will receive more attention than the events that led to the happy moment.

The 11am Gladys and Kerry Show sees these journalists at their most inventive discussing innovative new torture techniques that must be implemented before the denouement. “We need to lock down harder”, “When will you acknowledge your mistake not to lock down harder?”, “When do we start vaccinating children?”, “Do you think masks should be worn in bed”.

The Gladys and Kerry Show Or Why can’t we discuss step 3

Each morning NSW Premier Gladys reads the numbers and Kerry, NSW chief health officer, gives us Covid-19 two-step. The numbers are used to drive panic and the two-step is supposed to be a program for action. We are told to test….isolate….AND THEN WHAT. The isolation period is supposed to be 14 days. This dance needs a few more steps.

But what if you test positive? On weekends we get the Brad and Jeremy show but it takes a similar form. Today they noted families may not be reporting infection because of the impact on jobs and income. This prompted Hazzard to call for the reintroduction of JobKeeper.

Meanwhile, we are told not to go to our doctor for fear of spreading infection. We should ring. Does anyone think that these barriers to seeking treatment may be encouraging people to delay before seeking help? Might they even contribute to death? There is certainly a lack of clarity around the steps someone should take once infected by Covid-19.

It seems this lack of clarity might have contributed to a much celebrated death last week in Sydney. Remember the 30 year old Brazilian, Adriana Midori Takara? Strange that medical reporters haven’t heard of rounding. She was actually 38.

As her doctor explained, the missing STEP 3 should have been early treatment: ” [H]er doctor is adamant that had she received treatment at diagnosis, she would be alive”. Read the full horror story here caused by medical malpractice and denial of readily available treatment. Also see our related articles: Vaxxers, Resisters and Treaters and Vaccines, Treatments and Media.

So why can’t we discuss STEP 3? Because it would interfere with the vaccine project. It seems that is more important than our lives.

Brad Hazzard cares for elderly

A couple of years ago, I stood at a Rosehill, Sydney, event where Brad Hazzard addressed the annual NSW Nurses and Midwives conference. He attended in his role as NSW Health Minister. He was personable and heavily outnumbered. This is not the case at the 11am Covid-19 briefings where he is frequently combative, threatening and surrounded by a media committed to vaxxing us at all costs.

At the Rosehill event he offered nothing on behalf of his government to address the appallingly low ratio of staff to residents or patients in aged care facilities or hospitals respectively.

He cares about these people now. I urge you to note the growing frequency with which we are warned about the dangers our children present to the rest of us. They need to make sacrifices for Hazzard’s new found concern for the elderly. Can anyone see the madness of this? Even now at today’s briefing, he tells us soothingly the sooner we behave and get vaccinated and take our children to be vaccinated, the sooner things can return to normal.


When I hear the Kiwi lilt of Melbourne based epidemiologist, Tony Blakely, I get a chill. What horrors will his fevered brain introduce me to now. Here he found an equally unstable ABC presenter willing to introduce babies to an experimental vaccine. Full program here: ABC Saturday AM program.

Linda Mottram:
Let’s talk, just briefly about children being vaccinated because that’s becoming a really active issue with Delta and with more children appearing to get this disease. At the moment some states are allowing children down to the age of 16 to get vaccinated but if we want to get down to 2 year olds, maybe even babies are we going to get there by the end of the year and how crucial is it?

Tony Blakely:
Probably not by the end of the year but certainly Easter next year is my guess and there is nothing alarming about this we vaccinate…most of our vaccines are for children. What we’re doing at the moment is waiting for the trials to come in. So the trials have come in for 12-16 year olds and it all looks good and we’re waiting for those trials for ages 2-11 to come which might be, ah, the data might be in sufficiently towards the end of the year and this will do two good things. One: it will protect those children from some morbidity and long covid but two it will really help us as a country open up. Because if we don’t have some form of immunity, even if it’s not herd immunity, amongst children it will continually spread the infection.

The conversation continued with Blakely telling us we will need 90% vaccination to achieve herd immunity. Yet, he thinks this errant thinking. We should decide how many dead we want and work towards that number. Then we can set infection and vaccination rates around that acceptable death toll. All of this seemed very reasonable to our Linda at our ABC. Both were encouraged that if we keep jabbing madly we can have a nice sociable Christmas dinner. Whether we will need to wear masks at the table was unclear.

Note that Mottram had no concerns about baby vaccination. She was only concerned about a child’s role as an infector.

NB: The essential vaccinating of two year olds is supported by the Grattan Institute think tank.


“Police across several states have spent the week monitoring online planning of proposed anti-lockdown and protests following the angry gatherings of last weekend. Thousands of Australians took to the street last Saturday calling for an end to lockdowns. Many don’t want to be told to wear a mask or get a vaccine and they’ve been widely condemned for their efforts” Linda Mottram

“Yesterday’s action of but a few have jeopardised the rest of this city coming out of lockdown”. Commissioner Mick Fuller

“Look, they’re a pack of drongos”. Brad Hazzard

“Morons, absolute cretins. All they do is endanger themselves. They endanger their families”. Unknown

“Stupidity writ large. Just shocking”. Unknown

Mottram described the above comments as “objectively true” but let me get out of the way so we can hear from an expert.

Wheel out Dr Will Grant of the Australian National Centre for the Public Awareness of Science. Will is going to tell us about DRONGO MOTIVATION.

Grant breaks society into vaccine hostile, vaccine hesitant, vaccine not sure and vaccine positive. He goes on to explains that vaccine hostile contains anti-vaxxers, libertarians who resent state intrusion in their lives and the far right. By application of extraordinary analytical skills he comes up with they we have a “grab bag” of these sorts of ideologies that are coming together.

Our expert missed my group. People who are concerned about THESE VACCINES, the closing down of debate and filtering out of information that would inform the debate we can’t have. Information that would almost certainly give us a better outcome in terms of health and social cohesion. Mottram tried to introduce this group labelling them the frustrated. Will cleverly explained that all of his grab bag is frustrated and urged people to look at the ideologies of some of the dangerous people attending these rallies.

Mottram and Grant then found a link to Trumpism and decided this is what is fuelling anger at these rallies. For them, we are dealing with people who are hostile to the state and even “a public health state”. It seems there is a worrying trend of a lack of trust in science. I wonder where that might come from?

For Grant, the problem is one of perception rather than the actions of of our political class, celebrity medics and a servile media. He wants carrots and sticks. Give us a lolly and we will put aside our concerns. Helpfully, he closed by saying we can ignore the vaccine hostile if we can squeeze them into a small enough box through social pressure. This will require a lot make a hate social mediated warfare.

Sorry but discussing this further will make me sick. To find out the type of sycophants, opportunists and frauds who make up much of academia go to the 19min 40sec point of this clip: Who goes to the vaccine protest rallies?

I haven’t read this but it seems the Australian National University has been doing some work on what makes us happy vaxxers too. So much money and time going into conning rather than explaining or debating.

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