I am a threat to society. In short, I could kill you.
At any time, a lurking spike protein could find a distracted ACE-2 receptor too lazy to throw off its sheddase enzyme, take over a cell’s machinery, my cell’s machinery, repeat until my immune system says “what are you up to?”. Discovered, the spiky fugitive could then find a sleepier, less robust immune system nearby and soon we’re all done for.

This danger is ever present which is why, when I am not at work, I spend the day at a front window counting how many of my neighbours and family members go up the street. No-one escapes. I have reported 6 of my neighbours this week and put my mother in yesterday. I warned her. I don’t know whether NSW Deputy Police Commissioner Worboys offers awards for this sort of thing but I am just doing my civic duty. An interesting side note, the Deputy Commissioner actually urged us to observe the lockdown or our neighbours would dob us in. Strangely, all reference to this delightful observation has been removed from search engines.


In truth, I am nowhere near as dangerous as I’ve stated or as officious as my neigbourhood watch activities suggest. I am most definitely not one of those who resent any of the 168 Trinity College students because they won the “safe” Pfizer lottery. Not me. You see, I haven’t bought a ticket in it and don’t intend to. “Anti-vaxxer”, you sneer. Well, if I am, I’m not a very good one. My children are vaccinated and I recently had the flu jab.

Our media has done a laudatory job of framing the dangers presented by SARS-COV-2 and its progeny. They have been ably supported by an increasingly familiar mob of celebrity medics and grim politicians. Yet, I have the feeling I have seen this show before. All I have to do is replace medics with economists and we have the alarmist Federal deficit story that strangled social services and public infrastructure for the past thirty years … or more.

This is the story that rising debt will leave future generations with a bill they can never repay. We MUST sacrifice all to a surplus or our descendants will face destitution into the 23rd century and beyond. This narrative was the reason we couldn’t have the best schools, hospitals, public transport, infrastructure. It is also why people had to suffer homelessness and unemployment (something post-war Australian politicians acted upon and promised would never happen again. It required more pragmatic modern politicians to betray this promise).

The resources may have been there to provide these things but the money wasn’t. It belonged to the surplus. Our media happily sold this story to us. The promise of a surplus supplanted the promise of a better society. “Where will the money come from?” was the killer argument journalistic automatons employed. This was all designed to show us who was in charge. Celebrity economists like Chris Richardson reinforced this message on a variety of masthead programs across public and private networks. Aunty’s identity politics may have been left leaning but its economics was neoliberal hard right.

This performance ran for years. The actors may have changed but the script didn’t. Everyone knew their roles. The ABC was particularly good at discussing the economic problems of older women, young people, indigenous people, disabled people, gay people, migrants, the unemployed and the mentally ill. All were given their own 3-5 minute segments to ensure no connections were made. Combining any two raised the danger that some malcontent would conjure false notions of systemic economic failure. And unthinkably this could endanger the SURPLUS.

SARS-COV-2 is now in charge

Then came SARS-COV-2, PCR tests, masks, lockdowns and social distancing. Suddenly, magically, the surplus didn’t matter. Our Prime Minister Morrison found all the money we need in the bottom drawer. The money that the Federal Government didn’t have was there all the time. Now, it would be needed to pull our free market system through this difficult period. Small business was NOT the engine of the economy any more. In state after state small business became even smaller business and sometimes disappeared completely.

For years, a helpful lobby, including heterodox economists like Bill Mitchell, Steven Hail and their disciples, tried to tell us where the money was but no-one believed them. What beautiful schools, hospitals, towns and trains we might have had.

Today, there is no time for regret. This is a time, like a patient with dementia, to move on. Now the fear is existential, immediate and invisible. It must be because it locks us in our homes, makes us wear masks, threatens and takes our jobs, criminalises shopping, socialising, dancing and singing, urges us to betray our neighbours and tracks our every movement (see google phone monitoring and qr codes).

A fascinating book on the role of behavioural psychologists in the British Covid-19 vaccine push

This is all intermediated by the same people who told us there was no money. The celebrity economists have been replaced by celebrity medicos drawn, in the main, from universities, academia and the World Health Organisation. The politicians are much the same. The journalists have proven to be as effective in selling vaccines as peddling surplus fetishism. A simple matter of changing the label on the snake oil bottle.

The Gladys and Kerry Show

Let’s see them all in action. The morning Kerry and Gladys show in New South Wales is always a special treat. Gladys reads the numbers and Kerry intones the liturgy. Test ….. Isolate…..It’s a short liturgy but its enough for the stenographers present to gather all they need for the day’s story. Strangely, no-one wants to bother Kerry to ask her what we should do next. Perhaps, none of the stenos are sick or have not met anyone who is. Had they done so they might have asked what should be done in the GAPS between Isolate….Lips turn blue…. ICU. We might expect to hear from the celebrity medics at this point but no they are saved for the mastheads and news cameos where their vaccine cheerleading proves most welcome and invaluable.

Yet, a story on today’s ABC AM program cautioned:

“Now there are fears Australia could be left at the back of the queue again as the world’s focus turns from vaccines to treatments. The Federal Government is yet to secure supplies of Covid therapy drugs which are used to treat cases in their early most infectious stages”.


The story goes on to tell of a young woman who had a lung transplant. Should she become infected by Covid-19 the results could be terminal. There would be no time for a vaccine. She urged the Federal Government to take the treatment option seriously.

This story was echoed in a Sydney Morning Herald article this week where Professor Angela Webster complained of the Federal Government’s lack of effective trials aimed at supporting treatments. In a strange article that presented tangent on tangent, the Professor broke into an aria celebrating the efficacy of Ivermectin and Australia’s past role in sharing this joy with the world.

What’s Ivermectin? Ask the world not a backwater like Australia

From Front Line Critical Care Alliance

Might a treatment like Ivermectin fill the gap? Much of the world has already acted to prove Ivermectin’s case and is using it straight after Kerry Chant’s “TEST”. Meanwhile, all we hear from the celebrity medicos, politicians and media is “Vaccine, Vaccine, Vaccine”. It is as though they all live in the one house where they get the one paper delivered, the TV is stuck on the ABC and the internet isn’t connected.

If they had the Internet, this group could easily learn about Ivermectin’s effectiveness in countering the impact of a range human threats such as dengue, Zika, HIV, yellow fever and Covid-19. Much of this success is recorded in the links below. What has been recognised as essential is treating a virus like Covid-19 before it reaches the later inflammatory phase and that means acting fast. Ivermectin acts to address this. In Mexico, they have a “Test and Treat” policy which has proven very effective. Testing booths are set up around the country and after a rapid test, should it prove positive, the person is treated immediately with Ivermectin. Conversely, a test and isolate policy allows time for the virus load to build. We have to do better than that and Ivermectin is widely recognised as the answer. And an experimental vaccine is unlikely to help an already sick patient.

Meanwhile, on that TV, the The Drum, Insiders, 7.30, QandA and the news reports are in extraordinary agreement. We must get the population vaccinated as fast as possible. No questions are asked or allowed. Despite alarming reports of adverse effects from these vaccines, we hear none of it from our media. For months people like MaryLouise McLaws, Tony Blakeley, Catherine Bennett, Norman Swan, Raina MacIntyre and Julie Leask have been our unlikely heroes. One particularly impressive individual labours under the title: “Adjunct Professor Sydney University School of Public Health, Visiting Fellow at the National Centre for Immunisation Research and Surveillance and adviser to the WHO on Improving Vaccine Uptake”.

Surely, if there are any doubts, questions or a better way of doing things these people would know. They’d tell us about them, wouldn’t they?

This is a fascinating clip from October 2019. It was a simulation run by the World Economic Forum to develop a response to a hypothetical pandemic. This panel discusses a media strategy. I have linked to the point where Matthew Harrington of Edelman, which has run much of the public relations around Covid-19, explains the new censorship role for social media. About one minute later you will hear from notable Jane Halton who seems to be describing the role of a captured state broadcaster. It sounds a LOT like the ABC.

Where is the left?

All these people cajole us to submit to the inevitable. An inevitability that includes handing over our children to a vaccination experiment. In some American states, the handover step has been bypassed and the state has acted without parents’ agreement. Could that happen here? I think just about anything could happen here and we need to be ready to resist it. No-one is calling more loudly for these vaccines than senior members of the Labor Party. Madly, they see this as a worthy point of difference against the Liberals. Much of what passes for left in Australia has joined them. Madly, it is the right that is leading this challenge. A challenge to an increasingly authoritarian, coercive and secretive hegemony

Something is very wrong even if our relatives, neighbours, friends, acquaintances, workmates or authorities can’t see it. Vaccine passports are part of an obvious plan to create a two-tiered society. The vaccinated will be urged to pressure the unvaccinated. A program of habituation will familiarise and resign us to new and horrendous “reforms”. We will be urged to build our own cages. I can see some of them being built. Something is very wrong. And I don’t need the support of a lying media to make it seem normal.

Do you want to know more about Ivermectin? Here are some great sites to help you with that.
Frontline Covid-19 Critical Care Alliance
The Bird Group
Global Ivermectin Adoption
World Ivermectin Day

Warren Ross
email: katwlr@pro

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