1. A system of government marked by centralization of authority under a dictator, a capitalist economy subject to stringent governmental controls, violent suppression of the opposition, and typically a policy of belligerent nationalism and racism.
  2. A political philosophy or movement based on or advocating such a system of government.
  3. Oppressive, dictatorial control.

I have been a close observer of politics for fifty years. In that time, nothing has impressed me more than the size of the propaganda campaign surrounding Covid-19.

We have had this ambitious project imposed on us worldwide with all the emphasis on injections. Deaths and injuries caused by them are generally ignored by all of our main institutions. When they do break through we’re told they are rare.

The Three Commandments

Media’s participation has been vital to the project. It reinforced three commandments.

  • Thou shalt be afraid. Covid-19 is dangerous beyond belief and you will be lucky to get out of this alive.

  • Thou shalt have one solution that must be repeated forever. Take the injection.

  • Thou shalt have no other options.

If you are immune to this brainwashing, you must accept that you are a right wing activist. To question this with any degree of energy or to act in the absence of a reply is to advance to fascist classification.

At least, that is stance taken by the nominally progressive publications I want to look at today.

A friend sent me this link yesterday morning.

Our Indigenous Cousins Sold Short

The first article I want to look at is hosted on what appears to be a well-resourced website called Crokey Health Media. With a managing editor whose profile is straight from Trusted News Initative central casting, we won’t spend any more time with this site.

It links us to an article in The Conversation by two academics at Macquarie University, Madi Day and Bronwyn Carlson. This is a publication which specialises in neoliberal economics and takes a sniffy establishment line on most issues. You need academic qualifications to write for it.

The authors open with the horror of Daniel Andrews’ mock lynching at a Victorian protest. This is accompanied by a clip where a woman celebrates Dan’s future demise. We are left unacquainted with the reason for this woman’s anger. We must simply assume she is mad. It seems there were 500,000 of these mad people on the streets of Melbourne last Saturday.

There are also reports of a growing number of verbal threats cast at politicians across the country in recent weeks. Someone might have asked the authors how these threats compare with official policy which denies the public access to treatments in the early stages of Sars-Cov-2 infection.

These denied treatments may have staved off serious illness in many if not the majority of cases. In fact, the current test….isolate policies in vogue across most of Australia have caused deaths and serious illness.

The story continues:

“Moments like these connect anti-vax movements to far right and white supremacist extremist groups and conspiracy communities in Europe and white settler nations around the world including Australia, Canada, USA and New Zealand”

American Bill Gates and the Ethiopian head of the WHO Tedros Ghebreyesus

These moments also seem to connect large pharmaceutical interests, grasping politicians, mendacious media spin doctors, pliable behavioural scientists, moneygrubbing medics and traitorous statutory bodies made up of people of various colours, nations and prices.

Our writers then dismiss the huge number of protesters turning out last weekend so they can dilate on our Indigenous people’s “vaccine hesitancy”. We are not to give our First Nation friends any credit for assessing the situation. All their resistance is the fault of white colonialism.

Madi and Bronwyn continue:

Vaccine hesitancy and resistance to pandemic legislation among minority communities including Indigenous and culturally and linguistically diverse communities, is due to institutional distrust caused by centuries of colonial medical and legislative violence”. 

David Cole “Lumpa” (see clip above) offers a current perspective

Madi and Bronwyn then list the anti-semitism, racism, white libertarianism, satanic panic and nazi occultism that is underpinning it all. Fascism might have to fight to make the top side.

Good Reasons for Vaccine Resistance

No, ladies, let me itemise some of the concerns that the average person has including, quite possibly, many of your Indigenous cousins of all genders, nations and regions.

  • These injections have not been fully tested and discussion of this shortfall is fudged in media and official debate;

  • Safe treatments have been used efficaciously around the world as soon as the infection is recognised. These are denied us;

  • There are adverse reactions and deaths. These are played down by all players on the Big Pharma team;

  • The lack of debate and one sided nature of what is a worldwide propaganda campaign is obvious to anyone not addicted to mainstream media;

  • There is need for debate about the effectiveness of masks, lockdowns, social distancing and vaccines. Whether our leaders want to have it or not;

  • AND MOST IMPORTANTLY, in light of all this, we do not trust Big Pharma’s plans to experiment on our children.

These are NOT right wing concerns. I am not sure what financial, social or mandated incentive led our Covid correspondents to write this nonsense but I hope they don’t do it again.

I hope they reach out to people in a more considered way and stop selling them short.

At one point, the article branches off to a work by Stephanie Convery in The Guardian. This is another publication doing its best to make sure Big Pharma is well fed. Stephanie tells us a story of heroes and villains. Two of the villains are Morgan C Jonas and Harrison McLean.

I don’t know either of them though I must say I admire Morgan’s spirit and the short analysis he offers here.

The hero of Stephanie’s story is Nahui Jimenez, a member of “Campaign Against Racism and Fascism, a coalition of progressive activists and leftwing organisations”. She saved the day by redirecting her small group away from confrontation with the larger body of protesters or fascists according to your inclination.

This organisation has cornered the market for left wing purity

From experience, let me tell you this must have been a very small group otherwise we’d have been told how they outnumbered Dan’s opponents but their love of peace persuaded them to retire graciously.

Stephanie gives Nahui the opportunity to share her view of the crisis. An opportunity understandably not afforded the villains:

“Hostility to vaccines and other important health measures has become a gateway to the far-right globally,” Jimenez said. “We will not allow fascist groups to propagate their bigotry and occupy our streets without resistance.”

So there you have it. Resistance in any form to an experimental gene therapy with a worse cumulative record than all vaccines over the past 30 years makes you a fascist.

So there you have it. Resistance in any form to an experimental gene therapy with a worse cumulative record than all vaccines over the past 30 years leads to far right fascism.

Stephanie shares the horror of Dan’s faux lynching again along with the certainty that no matter how big these protests become they are dominated by right wing madmen even when they are women.

Here is where it gets me. Stephanie accords this group left wing status which it is happy to claim. This relies on the fact that as the bulk of the population has accepted the injection, this vaccinated position is the only honourable one.

It ignores that many – maybe 50% – agreed to be injected because they wanted to keep their job, feed their family, avoid conflict, go out, go overseas, visit relatives or some other practical reason. We will probably never know why they agreed to it and this is just how the shapers and the beneficiaries of this narrative want it.

Nahui’s “left ” is a strange one that finds common interest with Big Pharma while promoting authoritarian oppression, closing down of all debate and labelling anyone who challenges this framework a fascist.

It seems certain that this anti-vax = fascist framing was worked out early on by some of our well paid, duplicitous behavioural scientists for whom betrayal of the Australian public is part of a day’s work. I wonder whether Ms Jimenez has figured out the reason for her sudden popularity.

Stephanie’s work doesn’t get any better so we’ll leave her there but this is the quality of analysis we can expect from someone whose scribblings appear in many of the pseudo-left, indulgent, identity politics mainstream outlets. Choose your poison.

Arms Industry Journalist Points Out Fascists

I have a few other favourites. This one is cute:

Ariel Bogle, an analyst with the Australian Strategic Policy Institute’s (ASPI) International Cyber Policy Centre, is investigating social media activity in the lead-up to Saturday’s protests”.

Well there’s a nice little left wing operation. Let’s see who its sponsors are. The world’s leading arms dealers. Someone who works for them is bound to be right at the heart of left wing politics in Australia.

She is doing some excellent work there as this ASPI article excerpt indicates:

[T]he protests were also branded as part of a ‘World Wide Rally for Freedom’, leading to speculation about the relationship between domestic events and a global movement”.

A protester (L) tries to push away a police horse in Sydney on July 24, 2021, as thousands of people gathered to demonstrate against the city’s month-long stay-at-home orders. (Photo by Steven SAPHORE / AFP) (Photo by STEVEN SAPHORE/AFP via Getty Images)

I wonder whether you’ve noticed anything that looks like a global movement? Has anyone heard rumours of mandatory, even forced, vaccination of 7 billion people regardless of their will? Anyone heard the lies about ivermectin as horse paste that have been repeated uniformly across the world? Anyone heard of plans to vaccinate 5 year olds without their parents consent?

Ariel and her co-writer Albert Zhang have decorated their story with the spurious Sydney horse abuse photo that has been very useful in misrepresenting the purpose and temperament of protesters.

This Guardian article quotes Bogle as she explains Germans are using “anti-vaxxers” to spread their message. So the protests relate only peripherally to anything happening in Australia or to Dan Andrews’ Mussolini impersonation.

Despite joining the arms industry, Ariel still has her own ABC website page and turns up when the ABC wants to sell an idea using her skills. Here Ariel joins Peter Marks on Download This Show where they discuss how to make vaccine passports safer. NO, not the need for vaccine passports. Your habituation to that started 18 months. Keep up, will you.

I Won’t Be Con Trolled

A final example is a favourite of mine: Julie Leask. She is a behavioural scientist working out of Sydney University. She carries the title Advisor to the World Health Organisation on Vaccine Uptake. Julie and her friend Claire Hooker seem to have done some work for the World Economic Forum.

How visionary was this to engage in a little pre-Covid planning in May 2019.

More recently, she has become an Australian media favourite, particularly with the ABC and for balance, where better to go than Channel 7.

“The advice should be to the trolls to not troll people.
The advice should not be that I should silence myself,” she says.
Photo by Louise Kennerley

It is greatly reassuring that someone with Julie’s media profile won’t be silenced. Like you, I have often been concerned that my ABC appearances might be crowding her out.

This is a funny article that begins by completely misrepresenting Jane Golley of the ANU’s position. No time for it here but it was a case of presenting the usual China propaganda. I am sure the journalist expected few to notice as we are so well trained to fill in the gaps appropriately.

On to Julie. The article explains she doesn’t tolerate trolls. It seems these right wing activists and fascists occasionally take time out from their manipulation of global affairs to do a little local trolling. The 2019 AFR Woman of Influence is ready for them.

We can reasonably assume Julie is paid to promote vaccines. In doing so, she presents a defiance that social media trolls would do better to avoid. Ms Leask will do her best to see that Bill Gates’ vision of endless injections plus boosters, plus boosters, plus boosters will be met:

“The advice should be to the trolls to not troll people. The advice should not be that I should silence myself,” she says.

Dead right. Women have a voice and it shouldn’t be silenced or challenged. Even when it is selling a sometimes dangerous experiment. Julie lets Waleed Aly have the last word here.

We’ve now seen the depiction of those opposed to these injections as deluded white supremacist, racist, right wing, nazi occultist, satanist fascist trolls.

We’ve now seen the depiction of those opposed to these injections as deluded white supremacist, racist, right wing, nazi occultist, satanist fascist trolls. So who better to put things into balance than the thinking man’s liberal. Waleed Aly has an opinion on everything from Icelandic Romantic painting to badminton in outer Mongolia.

Here I fear he has one too many. He opens with an admission that may well have cost him his Trusted News Initiative licence. In describing the fracas outside Melbourne’s CFMEU headquarters:

“There is simply no denying the presence of many genuine construction workers in the crowd – something in the order of 80-90 per cent on Monday, according to what those well-placed to know have told this newspaper – including the ones the CFMEU has gotten sacked”.

So there were people with real concerns at those rallies outside the CFMEU. Not just neo-Hitler youth specially flown in. Someone better tell the Herald, Guardian, ABC and NEWS so they can make an urgent correction.

He goes on to ask what has happened to solidarity, once a labour touchstone. At these protests he heard “American libertarian language”; the language used by non-labour politics. He walks us through the current disillusionment with unions.

He tells us what is really worrying nurses and reveals the nefarious aims of protesters.

“Nurses, midwives and carers are exhausted and frustrated as they watch protesters fight for their right to overwhelm our health system.”

Is that what protesters are fighting for? Are we getting closer to the truth of what’s bugging these annoying anti-vaxxers? His argument might best be summed up in these two sentences near the end of the article.

“But in the real world, a mandate like this comes with considerable danger. It turns what should be an act of solidarity – getting vaccinated for the good of the community – into an issue of individual rights. It forecloses persuasion, and chooses force instead”.

And finally:

“People are still free to make their decisions, but they must also encounter the tangible consequences of them for others. Suddenly, the question isn’t one of individual rights, but of doing the right thing by the co-workers you see face-to-face. You might even say it becomes a matter of solidarity”.

Here is the problem, Waleed. Many of us feel that we and our fellow citizens are being played. The solidarity you bleat about and that vaccination for the good of the community is NOT an unadulterated good. Many will die. Many have died. Not proportionately but in real numbers. Many will get sick. Many are sick. Not proportionately, but in real numbers.

And I only make that concession to you for now. These casualties may well turn out to be proportionately significant in the future. We do not know what the implications of taking part in this experiment are long term. Many shattered families already exist but they are not as popular with the people who shape and fund our news as stories of untreated hyperventilating covid sufferers.

An American doctor analyses the mental health of NT’s Michael Gunner

Meanwhile, we live in an internationalised world. Our unions, our political parties and even some of our friends have been lost to the machinations of Big Pharma, Big Tech, Big Finance, Big Agriculture, Big Oil, Big Coal, Big Green, Big Media, Big Dumb and the other Bigs.

Despite the pressures these soulless ghouls have applied, those of us who have held out have done so for many reasons and one of them is solidarity. Many of us have learned things because we have been listening to intelligent people. These people have shared wonderful ideas with us.

They have also shared with us a sense of indignance that they have been denied the right to practise in the best interests of their patients, with the best information and resources at their disposal. We admire them for that. We admire them for fighting in our interest. We feel a solidarity with them.

If people like Robert Malone, Michael Yeadon, Geert VanDen Bosch, Peter McCullough, Ryan Cole, Sucharit Bhakdi and David Martin are right, those who took the injection may need us in the future more than ever. In the meantime, we will throw back the sleights slung by those on the payroll.

I am well to the left of any of them regardless of what they call me. The enemy is money and power. Always has been. Always will be. Position yourself in relation to that.

In the meantime, let me speak to the one percenters and the sycophantic spivs who work for them. You can collect your identity politics and your inhuman narrative any time you want. It lies in pieces at my front door.

Warren Ross
email: katwlr@protonmail.com

2 thoughts on “Who Are the Real Fascists?

  1. The actual fascists of Hitler’s Germany were very enthusiastic about the idea of communal health. They had health passports and a vigorous segregation of the unclean for the common good. They achieved great social solidarity and successfully transcended retrograde ideas about individuality. Of course, this led to immense crimes against humanity, and gave birth to the Nuremberg Code and other International Agreements designed to prevent such ideas of common good from ever prevailing again.
    The captured “anti=fascist” left are, in fact, following the historical fascist playbook perfectly. Faceless in the useless masks, they can happily turn on non-compliant unvaxxed, Human rights are blissfully subsumed under the banner of the common good.

    1. The rolling over of the left in this process has staggered me. It has reoriented my world. I dealt with it in an earlier article. https://www.wheredoesmoneycomefrom.com.au/covid-19/neoliberalism-covid-19-and-left/

      What is your reference, other than memory, for the information in your comment with regard to “Nuremberg Code and other International Agreements designed to prevent such ideas of common good”.

      The question now is where are we heading? This interview gives us a very plausible insight: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u11I8Jh-CsM

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