Yesterday, I couldn’t resist.
For health reasons, I have been staying away from the ABC. I’ve missed Fran Kelly’s tearful departure from breakfast radio and its joyful reporting on the pharmaceutical industry’s recent triumphs.

With New South Wales’ citizens freed on Wednesday, I had to know of any plans to reshackle us. An interview Patricia Karvelas conducted with celebrity medic, Mary-Louise McLaws, not only showed me the proposed implements of torture but also plans for their use.

Modelling by University of New South Wales suggests 25,000 of us, daily, will develop new Covid infections by the end of January. Trish invited Mary-Lou to “take us through the modelling”. Sadly, she hadn’t been involved though she works at the uni part-time.

How do I know she works there part-time? I don’t but if you follow this link on the UNSW website you will see that Mary-Lou’s involvement with the World Health Organisation (WHO) leaves her very little time for anything other than ABC interviews.

It seems there is barely a WHO board she hasn’t clambered onto but this one impressed me: “She is the Focal Point for the WHO Global Outbreak Alert and Response Network (GOARN)“. I’ve never met a Focal Point.

A very exact science

Despite being unable to verify the soundness of this modelling, Mary-Lou was soon ejaculating about the dangers we all face. She explained Astra-Zeneca is completely useless against Omicron and Pfizer is about 34% effective. So you need that booster. The booster is going to turbo-charge your immune system to 76% immunity.

Not 75 or 77%. This is VERY exact science as has been confirmed by every failed prediction of injected effectiveness to date. Conflicting reports suggest these boosters may lead to a pathogenic priming of our immune system but the evangelistic Mary-Lou will have none of that.

The hand-wringing continued. With commendable caution, she suggested WE STILL DON’T KNOW whether Omicron increases the risk of hospitalisation but by the 1 minute 30 seconds mark she had the state’s ICU and infectious disease beds overflowing into the hallways.

With flawless logic she continued that if this is the modelling NSW Health is using why isn’t it mandating the wearing of masks ALL THE TIME. I don’t know, Mary-Lou. Maybe because it is not a good idea. Maybe because it is unnecessary. Maybe because it is dangerous.

We don’t know because we haven’t been able to have that discussion. The role of virtue signalling, compliance marking and dehumanising of our communities has been more important than our health or our sanity.

“What is wrong with that strategy is that not everyone’s a virologist”.

Mary-Louise McLaws, epidemiologist, ABC’s Afternoon Briefing, 15 December 2021

Our State Premier may have recognised this and acceded to a temporary mask-wearing reprieve by letting us decide whether to mask. Karvelas decided to serve up a sitter and asked what was wrong with this strategy. Mary-Lou seemed to take personal affront. “What is wrong with that strategy is that not everyone’s a virologist”. Bang, take that you doubting dolts.

We were then told a delightfully dutiful story of Hong Kongers in flight pulling down their masks to sip drinks then reverentially placing them back. Our heroine compared these responsible travellers with those on a recent flight from Melbourne where chins and lips were exposed. Who needs the Taliban with Mary-Lou on the job?

These Andrews escapees were deluded by the ridiculous notion that the so-called vaccine shots they’d taken might have worked. They seem to have decided a stuffy, packed aeroplane was no place to further obstruct their breathing. If only they had been virologists.

She rounded this off with a “Gosh, 25,000 cases, you know, I expect we’ll be going into a third wave with Omicron but that is just horrible. We’ll get a lot of deaths”.

We’d come a long way from “we still don’t know”.

A muddled conversation ensued as the Karvelas pin-cushion (saline?) stated we’ve been urged not to focus on the headline number (25,000) so let’s look at the deaths and hospitalisations that proceed from that number. “What kind of death rate are we really talking about?”, asked Trish.

The denial of treatments has killed people

At this point, the conversation became particularly offensive. Ms McLaws feigned concern for people not hospitalised quickly; for people not treated effectively at home. The role of the organisations she is connected with in denying people effective treatments like Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine certainly led to many unnecessary deaths.

She even suggested that NSW may be holding hospitalisations down by keeping people at home. “You can make the hospitalisation rate anything you want”, she confided to Karvelas.

My personal experience tells me that test, isolate … then do nothing until people are sick enough to go to hospital has been official NSW Health policy. If it has changed, it has changed recently. At the same time, those hospitalisation numbers were used very effectively to scare us towards their experiment.

“It’s not just the Department of Health telling us what to do and how to keep us safe. It’s a relationship between the public and the Department of Health”.

Mary-Louise McLaws, epidemiologist, on ABC’s Afternoon Briefing

Excuse me while I vomit.

If it is, it’s a very abusive one. It is one that has taken my wife’s job, has threatened and continues to threaten mine. It is one in which we are lied to systematically and have no opportunity to ask questions or seek guidance. It has given us a taste of the totalitarianism we can expect if we don’t put a stop to it.

The waning of credibility

Mary Lou rattled on: “Your immune system wanes at about 4 months, 5 months so we need to get you before the immune system starts waning when you have a high level of a variant, particularly a variant of concern in the community so that you SUPER-CHARGE your immune system before you come into contact with Omicron”.

You mean these experimental gene therapies wane? That wasn’t in the sales brochure.

And we can expect the boosters to wane. Why won’t they? And why will these boosters be any more effective against Omicron than they were against Delta? Meanwhile, most people’s natural immune systems didn’t get a chance.

I’m just asking questions. Not claiming knowledge. You know, enjoying the wonderful collaborative relationship I have with NSW Health and Big Pharma.

For Rugby League fans, it’s a bit like having a team that can only tackle number 13. All the other players run straight through. The image above shows current injection options trying to stop Delta and Omicron

Our celebrity epidemiologist then told us emphatically:

“We must decrease the time between dose 2 and dose 3 to about 4 months and no longer”.

This is such an exact science.

We moved on to another plane story which inspired our heroine to a new anecdote. This time straight from the independently Gates funded WHO.

“Let me terrify you a little bit”, she said intriguingly.

The Gates team has found that Omicron has the capacity for positive, negative and neutral charging. We will soon be effluxing polysaccharides, water and lung fluid into the air which escapes from our unmasked gobs, hovers in the air for an hour or so until someone’s nose walks into it.

Fanciful? Why would the WHO or the delightful Mary-Louise want to scare or mislead you?

A check using various browsers, including the dreaded Google, did not allow me to verify this story or even find reference to it. This may have come from a late night WHO Omicron strategy meeting that the well-connected Ms McLaws was lucky enough to attend. Lucky us too.

3 last nudges

Our champions still had three nudges for us. We need Rapid Antigen Testing. This will give us the same dodgy information about our virus hosting but we’ll get it faster. The Federal Government has to pay for the tests and make them available for everyone. Pantonic Health didn’t even have to pay for the advertising.

Sadly, this happy collaboration between a senior ABC presenter and WHO epidemiologist was coming to an end but not before our public broadcaster paid its debt to Klaus Schwab.

In a truly professional segue, Karvelas invited Mary-Lou to comment on a view expressed by Sharon Lewin of the Doherty Institute. Now there’s an independent thinker. Ms Lewin thinks the classification of vaccinated should be altered yet again and your vaccine passport will only be valid if you have had THREE injections. Do you think Ms McLaws agreed?

And the best was saved till last. Karvelas was concerned that plans to inject young children may interfere with the booster program. Wouldn’t that be horrible. To which this angel of an epidemiologist replied:

“I am so delighted that the Government is giving dosing to 5 to 11 year olds..”.

Mary-Lou again

“I am so delighted that the Government is giving dosing to 5 to 11 year olds because we were never going to reach herd immunity without everybody having access to the vaccine”.

She then reflected that we are doing very well with 75% immunity but to get to HER estimated necessary 84-85% we need the children (watch this fascinating video on Why they need the children). Again we saw the precision for which our celebrity medics are sooooo famous.

Witches covens are normally closed and secret. It was wonderfully illustrative to see one on our public broadcaster. Identity politics demands that we make space for all people. We should be given the opportunity more often to see into the minds of institutional evil.

You might care to compare Mary-Lou’s delight with the concerns this whistleblowing doctor expresses in this video.

A doctor calls for an end to this ugly experiment on children
Follow link to this video and its important contribution to the debate

Warren Ross

Postscript: Where did that 25,000 come from?

I decided to find out more about this 25,000 figure so I rang University of New South Wales. They couldn’t help and told me to ring the ABC as it was the body that had reported it. The ABC pointed me to this article from which I draw this quote:

“The modelling predicting a 25,000 rise in COVID-19 cases is ‘very preliminary’ and has not factored in a potential increase in booster shots, says the report’s author”.

The author is Associate Professor, Mr James Wood. I have written to him seeking more information.

I wanted to gauge the strength of the rope with which they intend to hang us.

5 thoughts on “WHO is in charge of health policy

  1. Oh Warren, oh Warren, OH Warren! Thank you for making my day, probably my week!!! I too gave up the ABC, as well as SBS and the Guardian (Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation contributes to their funding, of course). Anyway, who has time for their censorship and propaganda when there are plenty of great sources — sadly not in Australia– with alternative information about how ridiculous, not to mention dangerous, are vaccine mandates, vaccine passports, lockdowns etc. And they are written by courageous doctors, researchers and, yes, lefties. Here’s a few:

    The National Black Caucus of the Green Party USA says NO to Mandates

    35 Studies on Vaccine Efficacy that Raise Doubts on Vaccine Mandates – Brownstone Institute

    Revealed: Bill Gates has given $319 million to Media Outlets

    Toby Green’s The Left’s COVID Failure

    New Zealand Doctors Speaking Out with Science

    COVID: Children’s extremely low risk confirmed by study BBC News

    Report on myocarditis on VAERS system by Dr Jessica Rose and Dr McCullough

    Max Blumenthal, The Grayzone: Flattening the curve or flattening the global poor?

    RFK Jr. testifies against COVID Vaccine Mandates for Kids

    Must we Separate the Vaccinated from the Unvaccinated?

    Fabio Vighi, A Self-Fulfilling Prophecy: Systemic collapse and Pandemic Simulation

    Interview with Kary Mullis- inventor of the PCR Test (the engine driving the pandemic)

    COVID-19 vaccine trials cannot tell us if they will save lives. British Medical Journal

    Black Agenda Report
    The Us ‘Left” Has Repositioned Itself on the “Right”- Aligned with Capital, War and Repression

    Vandana Shiva: The Pandemic Is a Consequence of the War Against Life

    1. Thanks Norie. They are great links. Good to see that Blumenthal has caught up, as has his mate, Jimmy Dore. Like many, the fear of being de-platformed worried them for a long time. Now, there is a big enough audience for them to turn to. They are good people but I think this world has surprised them. Jessica Rose is compelling and I am reading the Kennedy book now.

  2. The logic is that if omicron is more transmissible, a smaller percentage of a larger number of cases will still put strain on our hospital system. Professor McLaws knows this because she is a Professor of Epidemiology, and you are, might I suggest, a lobbyist for the right and I suspect one of those buffoons who wears their mask under their nose.

    1. Thanks for your comment, Vicki. Taking your challenges one at a time what do you really know about Omicron? There are two stories being told about it. One that it is mild and innocuous and two that it is another bioweapon (a human creation). What we do know about it is that on around the 24th November, a Doctor Coetzee who was treating patients with Omicron called it mild. The South African Govt told Pfizer it did NOT need more of its drug. Within two days, the Omicron crisis was found in South Africa and Britain brought travel sanctions against the country. Big Pharma playing games? It looked like it to me.

      On the strain on the hospital system and your heroic Ms McLaws concern for it. Ms McLaws knows nothing more than that an Associate Professor came up with a figure of 25,000 which he described as very preliminary for a flu or bioweapon which may or may not cause troubles for our hospital system. What we do know is that the denial of effective treatments like ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine, vitamin c and d, zinc and a range of others have accelerated a crisis that might have been easily dealt with. This is probably the first major illness in the history of modern medicine for which there is NO treatment. This has been a conspiracy of Gates, the WHO and the professional class of medics who do their bidding. I have written much on this drawing on impeccable sources. Here is my experience with NSW Health. I accuse it and the Australian governments of denying these treatments and causing deaths.

      Lastly on me as a right winger. I consider myself well to the left. I am certainly left of the Labor Party and Greens. I believe in community action. Later today I will be working at a local community garden that I was central in forming. I have been a director of one of Australia’s largest community and arts festivals over many years. I am an enemy of neoliberalism and have written on this I have been dismayed by the pseudo left’s (Labor / Greens) embrace of authoritarianism. I have watched as the only people who have called for the use of treatments have been right wingers (like Craig Kelly I did not need to use them as a source. There are excellent ones recorded here and in many other places if you care to look (

      My notion of left is not some vague identity politics convenience. There are the wealthy driving this conspiracy to have us injected with an experimental gene therapy. The 1% and their hangers on. Many people are dying or being maimed by these therapies. Our media’s ignoring of these events is one of the great crimes in human history. If you don’t know about this or don’t care then you are part of the problem.

      I think Ms McLaws involvement is considerably more iniquitous. She has been actively involved in denying us the use of life-saving treatments through the WHO. She has misrepresented the dangers this, almost certainly man-made, virus presents to us. She promotes behaviours like masks not for our purposes but for Big Pharma’s. And lastly she is promotes the use of these appalling bioweapons on children when she must know MANY will be hurt by them as they have been in the older age ranges.

      With what I suspect are your probable Green or Labor allegiances I am well to the left of you. I hope you do some research and develop a better informed opinion.

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