Jane and Fran want to vaccinate our children

Jane Halton and Fran Kelly discuss how we need to vaccinate the children to protect adults and vaccinate adults to protect the children. Jane explains the children are vulnerable but don’t get sick. This is an extraordinary conversation. You might say horrendous. Meet Jane Halton.

WHO is Jane Halton? – We probably should have introduced Jane first but we thought we’d build up to it as she is a VERY important person. You will not believe the number of corporate boards she is on and the scope of her key role in Australia and even the world’s Covid-19 vaccine rollout. To describe her as peripatetic would be to undersell Jane Halton.

Trusted News Initative – Have you found someone you can trust through the Covid-19 crisis? We are finding it hard to sort fact from appalling, perpetual, proliferating, posturing, presumptive propaganda. Maybe we have found an organisation that can pull all of our news outlets together and discern the truth. Or maybe that is the problem. One remarkable fact about this organisation is it doesn’t seem to have a logo. What does that tell you?

Two Economists Take Over – neoliberal economists have owned public debate in western society for at least the last forty years. In a recent Australian Financial Review article, two economists tell us how the Covid-19 crisis should be managed. The same selective logic that has run this country’s economy now measures a pandemic and we reckon they come up short.

I Take Dan Andrews Drinking Through a Mask Test
When Dan banned the pop-up pub and removing your mask to drink I figured like lockdowns we would soon face the same dilemma in New South Wales. I decided to get ahead of the trend and test drinking through a mask. The experience was just short of fabulous.

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Fran Kelly interviews
Jane Halton

Jane and Fran want to vaccinate our children

This is an extraordinary conversation for its convoluted logic, lack of evidence supporting this logic, the lack of curiosity and sycophancy of the interviewer and the imperious manner of the interviewee. We are told the children are vulnerable, yet unlikely to get sick. The interview was conducted on Wednesday 18th August 2021. You will find a link to the audio at the bottom of this article.

Fran Kelly:
We know that children aren’t immune to Covid but they’re getting the virus in large numbers, across New South Wales. Labor frontbencher, Katy Gallagher, now her teenage daughter’s just tested positive. She says the slow vaccine rollout is letting down kids across the country leaving them exposed. How vulnerable are the youngest Australians to Covid?

Jane Halton:
It certainly looks with Delta that children are more vulnerable, Fran. The good news is that they’re less likely to get sick but certainly they look like they’re picking this particular variant up more so than earlier variants. Remembering, of course, that we don’t have vaccines that we can give to children under the age of 16 so we actually have to protect the adults in their household and the people where they go to school and go to the shops etc, etc. We need to vaccinate the adult population to protect our children.

It certainly looks with Delta that children are more vulnerable, Fran. The good news is that they’re less likely to get sick.

Jane Halton

Fran Kelly:
Do you think we will be able to open up without adolescents and young people being vaccinated?

Jane Halton:
Well, certainly the Doherty modelling shows us, and I must say I am in the 80% camp more than the 70% camp, shows us that we can live a life not without restrictions, let’s be very clear about that, when we get to that level of vaccination.

Fran Kelly:
That’s 80% of the adult population.

Jane Halton:
80% of the over 16 year old population. Now, my really strong view is as the vaccines become available for children we will end up vaccinating children as well but we do know when we hit 80% of the 16 plus population we can live a different life to the life being experienced by so many people at the moment which is lockdown.

Fran Kelly:
But do you think its safe to open without children being vaccinated?

Jane Halton:
Well, I certainly think we can open up more than we are at the moment and look at what’s going on in the United States. They still have restrictions and still have mask mandates in place.

Link to interview: There is inequality – Indigenous Australians left behind in vaccine rollout.


The remarkable
Jane Halton

WHO is Jane Halton?

This is a very important question and I am surprised by how few people ask it. She was head of the People Smuggling Taskforce in 2001, Secretary of the Federal Department of Health from 2001 to 2015 and Secretary of the Department of Finance from 2015-17.

She currently holds board positions on the following organisations: Chair of CEPICrown CasinoClayton UtzCOTA, ANZ, Commissioner on the National Covid-19 Commission and has held various positions with the World Health Organisation (WHO). I have probably missed a few.

CEPI’s full name is the Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness. As chair of this organisation she explained in an article from the website of the Australian Institute of Company Directors:
“We had SARS, H1N1 (swine flu) and MERS when I was secretary of the Department of Health. I’d had all that experience and knew we were well overdue for a pandemic. Bill Gates was saying it for ages, but most of us thought it would be a flu pandemic.”

Also from this article:
CEPI was set up at Davos in 2017 by the governments of Norway and India, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Wellcome Trust and World Economic Forum. A partnership of public, private, philanthropic, and civil society organisations, it aims to advance, finance and coordinate the development of new vaccines to prevent future epidemics.

CEPI was set up at Davos in 2017 by the governments of Norway and India, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Wellcome Trust and the World Economic Forum


Jane first came to my attention when reading Tony Kevin’s “A Certain Maritime Incident”. This book discussed one of the most disgraceful events in Australian history when Australian negligence or design, depending on your perspective, resulted in the death of around 340 asylum seekers at sea. As head of the People Smuggling Taskforce, Jane proved exceptionally adept in this role that included participation in a Senate inquiry resulting in inconclusive findings. A remarkable timeline and list of documents relating to this event can be found here.

SIEV X was the name assigned by Australian authorities to an Indonesian fishing boat carrying over 400 asylum seekers en-route to Australia, which capsized in international waters with great loss of life
on 19 October 2001.

The Crown Casino scandal brought Jane to public attention prior to today’s starring Covid-19 role. This Crikey article describes a failing memory and lack of curiosity that allowed her to sign an advertisement / letter excusing Crown’s board of the very behaviours that have since become public knowledge. At the time, Channel 9’s 60 Minutes made it one of their feature stories. Its ownership of the Age and Sydney Morning Herald must have found the decision not to run the advertisement an easy one.

It also prompted Louise Davidson, the chief executive of the Australian Council of Superannuation investors to call for Crown Casino board members to stand down. The Crikey article also reminds of her failing memory during the 2001 “children overboard” affair. Strangely, this latter event has attracted far more attention than the SIEVX. It is as though this event has been forgotten

I want to point to one last activity. Jane featured in a clip I have shared elsewhere. It won’t hurt to repeat it. In her role as a representative of the ANZ Banking Group. She appeared twice in this October 2019 pandemic simulation clip. Once discussing supply chains at 4min 7secs and later on the role of trusted media services which is displayed below. We discuss this further when we look at the Trusted News Initative.

Now, my reason for writing this is not to have a go at Jane but does she really deserve her low profile? In the Kelly interview above, the RN Breakfast launch page has prominent images of Phil Coorey and Sally McManus but obscures the fact you will meet her by following the link to her interview with Fran Kelly.

By any measure, Ms Halton would have to be described as peripatetic and she is obviously very good at whatever she does. I simply think we should know more about it regardless of whether we are talking about her role in the Coalition of for the Aging (COTA), having the world vaccinated or any of these other important roles. Her husband, Trevor Sutton, is Deputy Australian Statistician at the Australian Bureau of Statistics.


Upton Sinclair was a muckraking journalist of the 1920s and 1930s famous for books The Goosestep, The Jungle, Mammon and many others

Have You Heard of the Trusted News Initative (TNI)?

Who do you trust? The ABC, Sky, the Guardian, your favourite TV network or your Mum. What has characterised so much of the debate around Covid-19 is the lack of diversity of opinion and how shallow it is in Australia. There are firey debates going on in Europe, even the USA and UK but here debate is largely narrow and uniform. We must get vaccinated as soon as possible. There is no other option. Vaccinating children with experimental vaccines is not considered controversial. We are all in danger. At times like this, trusted information is critically important.

In normal times, most people would think someone like US cardiologist Peter McCullough has something useful to say but his calls for treatment using products like Ivermectin are considered radical. We have, what seem to many Australians, right wing nutters running the treatment argument in place of highly credentialled Australian experts such as Thomas Borody, David Jans and Robert Clancy. This makes it easy for the media and the population to dismiss treatments as a QAnon conspiracy..

Warnings are provided by social media’s Facebook and Twitter to carefully assess people like McCullough’s work if not avoid it. That is when it is not censored out of existence. While there is more debate overseas than is allowed in Australia, there is still a strong mood for censorship. Vaccines as essential remains the fixed line across mainstream press.

It is so uniform that it has puzzled me as to how this is achieved. It seems that an operation called the Trusted News Initiative (TNI) is playing a strong role here. Have you heard of it? I have seen a number of dates credited with its birth. This Spanish publication caught my attention. It states:

The Trusted News Initiative (TNI), an international network founded in 2019 with the aim of protecting audiences and users from disinformation. The partners working together to identify and stop the spread of dangerous content are AFP, AP, BBC, CBC/Radio Canada, European Broadcasting Union, Financial Times, Reuters, The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post, The Hindu, Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Twitter, First Draft, and the Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism.

These companies share an early warning system where organizations co-operate, sharing alerts rapidly when they discover disinformation which threatens human life or disrupts democracy during elections, and avoiding the republication of falsehoods. This was put into practice during the UK 2019 General Election, the Taiwan 2020 General Election, and the Coronavirus crisis (“Trusted News Initiative (TNI) steps up,” 2020).”

This isn’t surprising for anyone who took an even mild interest in the UK election. The BBC acknowledges TNI’s participation at this time. I even suspect our ABC is part of this project. If not, it remains the fact that someone is keeping VERY tight control over its content and its conclusions. The ABC’s vaccine cheerleading has, at times, been embarrassingly transparent. I note the Jane Halton / Fran Kelly interview as exhibit one.

There are other references that suggest a later birth date for TNI. I guess if you are developing an organisation to control what people can and can’t see, you might want to be careful to present a more organic origin for its birth.

This comes at a time when the ABC is celebrating its status as our number one digital brand and most trusted information source as reported in its 2019/20 Annual Report:

“The huge news events of the Black Summer bushfires and the COVID-19 pandemic demonstrated the value of ABC News to the Australian community as never before. In March 2020, 84% of Australians surveyed agreed ABC News ‘is a valuable source of news to the Australian community’ and 72% agreed it is ‘Australia’s most trusted source of news and current affairs’”

Maybe that is true of the fires but it is NOT my experience of its reporting on Covid-19.

I’ll leave it there. In short, this is too big a project for me but I invite others to join me in looking into the Trusted News Network. There has to be an explanation for the sycophantic, mindnumbingly recursive, regurgitation of news that is being vomited at us.

Watch Peter McCullough and you judge.

Peter McCullough speaks passionately about the role of treatments in addressing Covid-19


The PCR Test
Fact or Fiction

Two Economists Take Over

“Much has been made of Australia’s total failure on vaccines – indeed, most of the country is living through its consequences”.

This is the introduction to an article in Australian Financial Review of 18th August 2021. The authors are two economists: Stephen Hamilton and Richard Holden. I don’t know Hamilton but I am familiar with Richard Holden and his attacks on Modern Monetary Theory in The Conversation. I imagine him wearing himself out constructing straw men then dashing them down.

When I read this today, I couldn’t agree that the discomfort, distrust, dobbing and dystopia we are experiencing from masks, lockdowns, reduced income, joy and freedom are really caused by the lack of vaccines.

The economists reduced this to a numbers game which is quite an acceptable thing to do. In the same way it is quite acceptable for me to critique their reductionist world view. They see that we need to do four things. We need to do more testing. We need to do it faster. We need to concentrate on the areas where we will get the highest number of cases. We need to get the results back faster.

For the economists, one of the big problems is many Sydneysiders don’t know they’re infected. For many people this simply highlights the danger of the disease. Another problem is that blissfully unaware people have to wait 72 hours to find out they’ve joined the infected. For this reason our economists call for rapid testing provided by Brisbane based Ellume (better know as antigen tests). In highlighting this last point the authors note the Therapeutic Goods Administration’s resistance to antigen tests. They also point to the TGA approving 25 similar testing systems in recent times.

“…many Sydneysiders [are] simply unaware they’re infected”

Stephen Hamilton and Richard Holden

I might add the TGA’s role as a turnstile for vaccine manufacturers and changing of target age groups that some might have perceived as a little cavalier. In a private chat with the Financial Review, the TGA explained there was a high risk of false positive and negative results from the speedier test.

New South Wales Health joined the battle touting the “gold standard” PCR tests which it states have a mere 2% of false positives and 5% of false negatives. To this our economists point out their antigen test give 4% false positive and 0% false negative so not much would be lost. This is from Ellhume’s own clinical trials so what could go wrong.

Further, we are told, these tests could be done at home. The rapid test would have further application in increasing the divide. A test could exclude the unvaccinated from a hotel, restaurant or flight on the spot. There is a minor flaw in this argument and that is that vaccinated people are increasingly becoming infected.

The rapid test would have a further application in increasing the social divide. A test could exclude the unvaccinated from a hotel, restaurant, bus, plane or train on the spot. There is a minor flaw in this argument and that is that vaccinated people are increasingly becoming infected.

Warren Ross

Another issue might be the PCR test itself. Is it really as reliable as we are told? If you are using this as the benchmark, it better be a good one. Firstly, we know Portugal has thrown it out as unreliable. This is something the inventor of the test would have applauded as it is not fit for the purpose we are using it.

Lab contamination, test kit contamination, reaction to other viruses, detection of non-infectious virus fragments, virus quantities too small to be infectious may all compromise results. Running a test at amplification cycle of 40 may also produce uncertain results. None of this concerned our economists. And none of these latter questions seem to bother our politicians, media and celebrity medics as they attempt to herd us towards the vaccines.

This is what happens when you close down debate. People start asking their own questions and providing their own answers. The Trusted News Initiative might be helpful in closing this down but is that really the way our society should run. Some people think so and that is something we must resist.

We think Grace-Anne Kelly sums the situation up pretty well in the absence of better advice.


I Take Dan Andrews Drinking Through a Mask Test

It works

I heard all the whining from Melbourne when Dan Andrews banned drinking without a mask. As many of you would know, the standard masks being issued in Australia are pretty useless. I have heard them described as like using a hurricane wire fence to keep out a fly. So I thought I’d give a go and it works. You don’t get the usual flow but you get a longer experience and it keeps you operating within the rules. If Gladys pulls the same trick in Sydney, I’ll be ready.

Warren Ross
email: katwlr@pro

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