KFR 9th June 2019

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You’re going to hear a lot about this duo in the next three years. Unless Pauline Hanson gets over her sulk at being jilted for Clive, these two Centre Alliance radicals will hold the balance of power in the Senate. You thought the Senate would save us again. No, we will have to rely on the sensitivity and compassion of a Young and Rubicam marketer and a former Liberal staffer, electronics technician and submariner. The Liberal Party’s only other hope is Jacquie Lambie and based on her election night threats I’d be sticking with Rex and Griffo, if I were Scotty. It all looks pretty rosy for Scomo and his team with initial indications that these two Centre Alliance (formerly Nick Xenophon’s NXT) members will pass all three stages of the tax cuts. With salary increases for our politicians passing this week, what is there to complain about?

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Vital Videos

These links relate to the history of money and its current uses and abuses.
I have provided a link to a key point in these talks but you can find a complete list on our YouTube Channel.

Stephanie Desan is the Leo Gottlieb Professor of Law at Harvard Law School. In this clip, she challenges the standard barter story and its purported role in the origins of money. She also emphasises the central role of the state in the management of money within a legal and constitutional framework.

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