How Gates and the WHO Killed Ivermectin

How Gates and WHO Killed Ivermectin

Some of the great untold and mistold stories
of the current Covid-19 crisis have surrounded Ivermectin. Somewhat akin to the way people are misled about Assange, a series of lies and half truths are designed by skilled, well-paid behavioural scientists and you are invited to pick up the one that fits your needs.

It requires work to have even a passably informed opinion on any subject in which the media and powerful have a vested interest. It is often much easier to pick up one of these lies. You trot out this lie when someone raises an issue to give the impression you are a thinker.

This allows you turn away and take comfort in your alignment with the establishment perspective. Little occurs to ruffle your day knowing you are doing the right thing.

This extract should remove that comfort. If it doesn’t, you are immovable in the righteousness of your uninformed and expertly curated world view.

Extract from Robert Kennedy Jnr’s
“The Real Anthony Fauci” p100-11

The massive and overwhelming evidence in favor of ivermectin includes scientist Dr. Tess Lawrie’s highly regarded, peer-reviewed meta-analysis.

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Key Covid-19 Links

The people mainstream media is trying to hide from you

We are often talking to friends and family about the work of one of these important people in the list below. The idea of this page is to make it easy for you to link to and share these people’s work. These are the sort of people that Anthony Fauci, Peter Doherty and John Skerritt would rather you didn’t know existed (the latter two are Australian references).

The list is not meant to be in order of importance. I am almost ashamed to have Catherine Austin Fitts near the bottom. And for example, the Melissa Ciummei interview is compelling; no I just listened her story again. IT IS CHILLING. As we move down the list, we move away from Covid-19 to broader issues. Please let me know anyone you think I have missed or any corrections needed.

Deregistered Professor Peter McCullough is the most published person in the field of heart and kidney specialisation in the world. He is the editor of two major academic journals. His championing of safe and effective treatments has cost him his job and has lead to death threats. He must be listened to.

Front line Covid-19 Critical Care Alliance. This is one of the first and most significant organsations that developed a response to the Covid-19 pandemic. It developed a group of effective protocols in the absence of official action and in the face of official hostility.

Joe Mercola is an osteopath and one of the early champions of effective treatments like ivermectin, hydroxychloroquine, vitamin d and c and other natural health cures. He has been attacked by media and has had his life threatened. Social media and the main search engines have completely banned his work. He provides daily output in the form of videos with compelling interviewees.

Robert Kennedy Jnr leads the Children’s Health Defense which exposes the corruption that is at the core of much of modern medicine.

Tess Lawrie is the Director of E-BMC Ltd, and EbMCsquared, a community interest research company. Tess is committed to improving the quality of healthcare through rigorous research. Her range of research expertise, based on research experience in both developing and developed countries, uniquely positions her to evaluate and design research for a variety of healthcare settings.

British Ivermectin Recommendation Development Group (BIRD)
Interview with Maria Zeee (part 1)
Interview with Maria Zeee (part 2)
How Gates and WHO killed Ivermectin

James Roguski is an author, researcher, activist, and natural health advocate. He specializes in researching highly complex issues and translating data into simple language that is easily understood to facilitate action. He is currently working with people around the world to challenge plans to destroy national sovereignty and replace individual rights with equity as part of of WHO / UN / Sustainable Development nightmare.

Steve Kirsch – one of the true champions of this battle with Big Pharma. Steve is an electrical engineer, entrepreneur, activist and prolific writer on matters Covid-19. He has $1 million gift for any mainstream champion of the vaccines who will join him in debate. And this is a recent development on that front.

The Unnacceptable Jessica Rose – is a dynamic debunker of the mainstream narrative. She is a researcher with a Bachelor’s Degree in Applied Mathematics and a Master’s degree in Immunology from Memorial University of Newfoundland.

Maryanne Demasi is Australia’s top medical investigator. She has worked for many to inform us about Big Pharma’s deepest secrets and endemic corruption.

Dr Judy Wilyman is a specialist in government vaccination policies and is an educator of professionals and the general community on vaccination decisions in Australia. Her stories will astound you. She paints a devastating picture of Big Pharma regulatory capture.

Dr Vernon Coleman is well known for his “Old Man in a Chair” video. Has been a savage critic of the Covid-19 and a relentless debunker of the Schwab agenda

Meryl Nass, MD, is an internal medicine physician and activist with expertise in anthrax and bioterrorism; her interest is in prevention, investigation, amelioration, and safe and effective medical response. Her expertise and experience includes treating patients with Gulf War syndrome and adverse effects from the anthrax vaccine

Igor Chudov is an independent journalist and researcher with a strong maths background. Writes fascinating and regular articles on substack. Well worth following.

Dr David Martin is a patent law expert who cuts across the Trump / Biden divide to describe both as corrupt. This is a charge he levels at their predecessors and the people who form[ed] their administrations, present and past. He links Fauci to a 2002 patenting of coronaviruses. He also makes very clear that the virus we are dealing with is a bioweapon of human creation

Professor Dolores Cahill is an Inventor, Founder and Shareholder of Companies, has been Granted & licensed Patents in Europe, USA & worldwide with applications in improving the early accurate diagnosis of disease (auto immune diseases & cancer).

Dr Sam White is a GP who resigned because of his doubts about Covid-19 vaccines has won his High Court battle for freedom of speech after he was ordered not to make comments about anything to do with Covi-19 or the government’s response to it.

In 2020, Dr Bryan Ardis lost his father-in-law due to ill-advised hospital protocols. He has been relentless in his exposure of the improper use of Remdesivir which he describes as a kidney poison. The promotion of this product by our TGA in place of effective treatments, is one of the great crimes of all time.

Dr Bret Weinstein is a Professor of Biology now dedicated to correcting myths and falsehoods around Covid-19. A brief look at the savagery of his Wikipedia entry suggests he must be doing something right. His interviews with leading figures in this debate are always informative. His weekly podcast is great listening.

Reiner Fuellmich is a lawyer with an international reputation who ran the original Corona Committee with Vivienne Fischer and now the Corona Investigatve Committee.

Matthew Ehret is an excellent resource for anyone seeking to place current events in context, particularly from an historical perspective.

Whitney Webb is a journalist operating out of Chile. She is remarkable for the volume and the quality of her content. Much of it leading edge analysis drawing on some of the best minds from a wide range of disciplines. Her forecasting of events in this Covid era has been prodigious.

Australian Senator Gerard Rennick – one of only about 6 politicians in the country standing up to Covid tyranny but probably the most effective and eloquent. His efforts are crucial in this battle.

John Campbell was for many years a director of nursing. He has a masters degree in Health Science and has a Phd in philosophy. John is probably the most conservative presenter in this list, yet, some of his work is outstanding in uncovering duplicity and fudging of data. Here are a few examples.

James Corbett is an investigative reporter who has been ahead of much of his contemporaries in interpreting current trends. His work is forensic and confronting.

Neil Oliver is an archaologist, broadcaster and historian. He has been one of the most eloquent voices challenging the Covid-19 plandemic and its context as part of a planned attack on humanity.
China Wall Street and the New Global Economy

Dr David Hughes has written extensively on Covid-19 and related issues. His latest collaborative work discusses Mass Formation and seeks to place it in context.

Typically, mainstream references to Mark Crispin Miller describe him as an espouser of conspiracy theories. In truth, he is one of the world’s leading experts in media analysis and propaganda.

Nick Hudson, an actuary and co-founder of Pandemics – Data and Analytics, also known as PANDA. It was formed by a group of four friends, professionals – an economist, a doctor, a lawyer and a little actuary. What we shared was an observation that the data and the facts – the reality – of Coronavirus was far away from what the media and public health institutions were telling us.

Dr Naomi Wolf is a bestselling author, columnist, and professor; she is a graduate of Yale University and received a doctorate from Oxford. She is cofounder and CEO of, a successful civic tech company.

Mattias Desmet is a clinical psychologist with PHD in statistics who does a wonderful job of explaining the mass psychosis that underpins the current public response to Covid-19.

Catherine Austin Fitts is financial adviser
 and former US public official with a compelling perspective on our current dilemma.

Max Blumenthal and is an incredible on material relating to Covid-19 but also with regard to world politics in general.

In this stunning interview with the The Irish Inquiry, Melissa Ciummei explains what Covid-19 and these passports are about. It is not about health. It is about control.

They Want Your Children

Jimmy Dore is something of an anomaly; a left wing shockjock. That is old-style left with its focus on the economics. He is equally scathing of WOKE politics and works with people like Max Blumenthal and Aaron Mate to provide a intelligent coverage of subjects such as the Ukraine debacle.

Dane Wigington has a background in solar energy and was a former employee of Bechtel Power Corporation. Dane was also a licensed contractor in California and Arizona. He produces that seeks to inform the public and challenge the mainstream narrative on climate change.

Norbert Haering is an economist, journalist and author who writes extensively on finance and changes we are facing such as the push remove cash from the economy and the thrust for Universal Basic Income.

Maria Zeee appears to be everywhere and her work is critical for people wanting to understand how Covid-19 and its related oppression is being imposed on Australians.

David Sorenson of Stop World Control produces and hosts an excellent series of videos and articles. He believes multibillionaire criminals are planning a New World Order that will impose worldwide tyranny. You decide.

Ernst Wolff, German journalist, author and expert in matters of the global financial economy explains this is not about health. This is about a major economic and social reset.

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