TGA Bans Ivermectin

This is the common sense we can’t listen to.
Give this video 5 minutes.

Yesterday, Australia’s Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) banned general practitioners from prescribing Ivermectin as a treatment for Sars-Cov-2 and Covid-19.

This decision was made by the Advisory Committee on Medicines Scheduling (ACMS).

This committee comprises three pharmacists, a pharmacologist, a sports physician, an accountant and a pharmaceutical company tout. No clinician or infectious disease expert appears to have been directly involved in this decision. There is nothing on the TGA website to contradict this understanding.

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Spike has a plan. What’s ours?

The Liturgy

Every morning Sydney hosts its 11am Covid-19 ritual. New South Wales Premier Gladys solemnly records the newly infected, newly hospitalised, ICU entrants and the dead. Our chief health officer, Kerry Chant, performs a short liturgy: “Test…Isolate”. These announcements are then reannounced in various formulations over the next half hour interspersed with urgent calls for us to vaccinate. The media then asks the same questions it did yesterday using today’s numbers. This allows for further reannouncements and even more urgent calls for us to be vaccinated. We are also reminded that this is the only way out of lockdown. Other Australian states go through a similar daily process.

As an unvaccinated person, the liturgy is of particular interest to me. In my uninfected state my main concern is to avoid Delta. If it is as dangerous as we’re told, it will come looking for me. It will then be time to action the “Test……Isolate” strategy. Let’s say I find myself in an exposure zone or one comes here, I’ll need a PCR test. If the PCR test works and I remain uninfected then I get on with my useless life.

Yet, if the test works and I become both an infected and infector, it will be time to implement part 2 of Kerry’s “Test……Isolate” plan. Go straight to my meticulously designed isolation chamber with the ensuite and stay there awaiting further instructions. This is easy if you’re living by yourself especially if you’re a doomsday prepper. The rest of us will be relying on family or housemates to keep us fed and in contact with the rest of the world.

So you’re in the isolation chamber having completed your “Test….Isolate” civic duty. Covid-19, from hereon known as Spike, is happy because no-one has interfered with his plan to raise a family and move to your lungs. This is where Kerry’s plan seems to be short an action or two. It was this concern that prompted me to go looking for the rest of Covid-19 survival manual.

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Vaxxers, Resisters and Treaters

I don’t have a medical background
Yet, why should this disbar me from commenting on the state of the present politically and now military driven Covid-19 response. We have some incredibly sycophantic, uninformed members of the media doing exactly that right now. Other players seem to have stridently anti-social views and agendas. I am not denying Covid-19 can have extreme adverse effects on people who contract it. I do believe our response would be improved by broadening participation to include clinicians and experts who are not so tightly wedded to the vaccine or nothing outlook. The discussion that follows is based on my experience as a resident of Australia’s most populous state, New South Wales.

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An age of plenty

Where does money come from is a question for our times

Where does money come from?
I can’t think of a more important or confusing question. When we run short of something in our daily lives we normally do something about it. Whether we are short of carrots, cars, computers or crayons we don’t have to think too hard about what to do. We go to the dealer, supermarket or art supply shop and get what we need.

The truth is that in this age of plenty we rarely run short of anything. We might lack one of these items as individuals. Not everyone has a car or computer. However, society rarely if ever runs out of anything. Our supermarkets are always stocked with food. A variety of stores provide just about anything we need. The one thing we are short of, as a society, is money. So why don’t we figure out where it comes from and do something about it?

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What’s Next for the Unvaxxed? Stoning?

Let he who is without sin cast the first stone
or anyone who thinks the unvaxxed have it coming.

What should we do with the unvaccinated is a question occupying the fevered brains of many of our now free, vaccinated citizens. We have a duty to do as members of a society and the unvaxxed won’t do it.

Vaccination is not only a passport to the things we once did without asking permission like travel, shop, go to the movies, visit friends and family; it also invites the injected to employ their new and superior powers of judgement.

This is of more than passing interest to me. I am unvaccinated.

What follows is from a New South Wales perspective but broadly reflects the experience of Australians across the country.

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A new set of lies – Part 5

Lie Number 4 – The Media represents our interests

Our media is regurgitative not investigative.
There is an astonishing uniformity in the reporting by our journalists; in the terms they use and don’t use, the questions they ask and don’t ask.

An excellent example is the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) and its role in reporting events surrounding Covid-19. In the last few days, a major public revolt in Melbourne over lockdowns and looming mandatory vaccinations brought people out into the street.

The ABC used its considerable resources, radio, television and online media to “flood the zone” and made sure we drew the right conclusions.

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Wilcannia and Covid-19: an Australia Story

On a Saturday, morning a few weeks ago, I heard the first reports that 4 people tested positive to Covid-19 in Wilcannia. Another 6 in nearby Broken Hill, 197 miles away. That’s nearby in Australian standards. People travel those distances regularly to play football and visit family.

Wilcannia is 946 kilometres (547 miles) from Sydney with a population of 745 mainly Indigenous residents. It sits on the Baaka River, better known to European settlers as The Darling. Since my youth, the river has been notable for its long dry spells. Few would imagine its days as part of a paddle steamer route, joining with the Murray River.

The story told here is best left to the people of Wilcannia and Australia’s Special Broadcasting Service (SBS), including Karla Grant and her team. We will make a few observations after you’ve made your own.

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A new set of lies – Part 4

Lie Number 3 – There are no adverse reactions.

It might be a stretch to call this a lie.

But only a gentle one. You could watch or listen to Australian media and believe this vaccine project has brought nothing but joy. The only dark corner is the daily Covid briefings where stern state premiers and their sepulchral chief medical officers read out the calumnies of the unvaccinated and venerate the virtues of those vaxxed. Today, we were told that this latter group will soon be free.

This is unlike anything I have experienced. You hear stories from friends of friends. Rumours are rife but unsubstantiated. Public figures you don’t trust seem to be speaking truth and those you have more regard for appear to be lying. If not lying, then completely absorbed, entrapped and insulated by lies.

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A new set of lies – Part 3

Lie Number 2
There are no safe and effective Covid-19 treatments

This is simply untrue. A more open public debate would expose this fraud. There are many well-credentialled, intelligent and capable medical professionals who are excluded by media. Unsocial Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Google play their part too.

For example, you may well find links blocked by the Google’s Chrome or its partner YouTube on this site. If you do, choose another browser.

Essential and obvious questions are neither asked nor tolerated; even questions our excluded experts might easily answer. Instead, we get the bleating of well-connected celebrity medics and a media committed to stenography rather than investigative journalism.

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A new set of lies – Part 1 – What happened to the surplus?

“Agnotology – the study of culturally induced ignorance or doubt”

What happened to the surplus?
Remember that? It was sooooo important it trumped everything else. As a country, we had to be careful not to spend too much on education, health, public transport, employment, social housing or we would run out of money. It was something we were always reaching for but never attained.

We had the need for all those important services. We even had the resources. But sadly didn’t have the money. Which is strange because creation of money is an easy thing for a Federal government to do as the Covid-19 crisis has shown. Our media stars like Leigh Sales were never stuck for a question when they could ask: “Where will the money come from?” This passed for cutting edge journalism. No-one betrayed the secret.

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A new set of lies – Part 2

Lie Number One
The vaccines are for your own good

There has been an insane political debate
about the speed of Australia’s vaccination program. Our Prime Minister (PM) backed AstraZeneca (AZ) as his favoured injection tool for Australia. But an alarming failure of media policy brought reports of deaths and adverse reactions to public awareness. Australia’s Technical Advisory Group on Immunisation (ATAGI) also came out arguing that younger people would be better off staying away from AZ.

Public terror shifted, briefly, from the virus to the vaccines. People stopped turning up for appointments and media attempted to repair the problem by telling us Pfizer is “the safe one”. We should choose that instead. All solved but NO. We now found that our neglectful PM’s AZ choice had another downside. There weren’t enough Pfizer cocktails to go around. So our leaders decided to save this precious product for the vulnerable elderly.

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Covid Quotes 27/8 to 3/9/2021

If you have a notable quote, please share it via our contact form or email directly

We need to get used to being vaccinated with Covid vaccines for the future. I can’t see that Covid is not going to be with us forever….this will be a regular cycle of vaccination and revaccination as we learn more about when immunity wanes”.

Kerry Chant chief health officer NSW
28th August 2021

“If paramedics vote for action, ADHSU members working in defined local government area of concern [COVID hot spots] will not respond to any patient until they have been rapid antigen or PCR tested. The bans will begin at the first shift on August 30. “ 27 August 2021

“I wouldn’t let the Pfizer go to waste, it’s gold liquid. They were very lucky, they went out for breakfast and ended up with golden liquid in their arms.”

Dr Ziad Basyouny in Wingham
Describing 4 cafe staff and 6 customers he vaccinated when residents missed appointments at his practice next store

“An even more dangerous situation is posed in the weeks and months ahead, with research published Wednesday finding that protection against Covid infection after two vaccine doses falls within six months, with protection levels even projected to reduce to as low as 50 percent by winter”. 25 August 2021

“There’s got to be a reason to get vaccinated. If the reason you’re vaccinated is that you can do things people who aren’t vaccinated can’t do, then that’s a great argument”.

Billionaire Kerry Stokes AFR 28 August 2021

“You’ve got to be sensible, of course, but I vaccines passports are the answer. I think”.

Billionaire Kerry Stokes AFR 28 August 2021

“Playgrounds will reopen this week. There will be QR check-in codes and limits on eating and drinking, and one parent or carer per child”.

Aaron Patrick AFR 1/9/2021

“I’ve got certain people in the media that keep attacking me all the time.”

Gerry Harvey in interview with Melbourne ABC’s Rafael Epstein.

“We struggle to empathise with Harvey or his harrowing persecution. This time four years ago, on national television, he was appealing for this columnist to be summarily executed“.

Joe Aston AFR 1/9/2021

“For the Ivermectin enthusiasts, here’s what the Merck Company that made this drug and gave it free for the treatment of river blindness in Africa say about its use for therapy in COVID-19″.

Professor Peter Doherty Twitter 27/08/2021

Editor’s Note: I am sure this was an oversight but what Professor Doherty failed to mention in his zeal to destroy Ivermectin’s reputation is that Merck has a product that competes directly with Ivermectin called Molnupiravir (see article that discusses the two). We can also reveal Merck has just signed a contract for $1.2 billion to supply Ivermectin’s new competito r to the US Department of Defense. The Professor also gives Molnupiravir a leg up here. Whether it is as good is unclear. Lastly, who would want a reference from a company that killed 60,000 people in 2004.

“It will take a long time until enough people get a third dose and until then thousands more people will be getting seriously ill”.

Dvir Iron data scientist at Israel’s Institute of TechnologyReuters 26th August 2021

“The Zoom meeting boom and its unrelenting focus on faces is elevating earrings from a fashion accessory to a statement intended to reflect women executives’ mood, status, wealth and creativity”.

Duncan Hughes AFR 27th August 2021

Irene Deutsch, pictured with her dog Bronte: “There’s no point in wearing power suits or killer heels to a Zoom meeting,” she says. Why not buy some nice earrings?” Louie Douvis – photo courtesy of AFR

“China will restrict the time people under 18 can play video games to three hours a week in a shock societal crackdown designed to tackle what the government says is an addiction plaguing the country’s children.

Shares in gaming stocks fell on Tuesday following the release of new rules limiting gaming on computers, mobile phones and other devices to one hour between 8pm to 9pm on Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights and public holidays. Gaming would be banned completely on school days”.

Michael Smith AFR 1/9/2021
Editor’s Note: Michael is one of the journalists thrown out of China last year. He also writes some very silly things about Xinjiang. What the Chinese are doing here is heavy handed but is it better but is doing nothing anything to celebrate. With Google and Apple offering online education, parents and teachers may not be needed in the future at all.

“There have been many scientific studies and they have found the illnesses in children are not as severe as in the older age cohorts, the transmissibility of the virus is not as severe, there’s a priority to get children aged 12 to 15 vaccinated and we’ve set out a timetable for that.”

Josh Frydenberg 2/9/2021

Editor’s Note: Hey, Josh, when did children between the ages of 12 and 15 stop being children? And on those many many scientific studies, how many of them said the illness is “severe” in 12 to 15 year olds. It really looks like media, politicians and celebrity medics are making this narrative as they go along.

So clearly the advice is within 6 weeks of an infection you’re unlikely to get reinfected with Delta but actually natural immunity to Delta or any of the viruses is less effective than actually the vaccine in terms of providing long term immunity”.

Kerry Chant chief health officer NSW
11am Press Conference ABC 2nd September 2021

Stenographer: “We had a person present to hospital for having what seemed to be an overdose of too much Ivermectin. “As a result, of a misunderstanding they think that they can take this drug to treat Covid. They were Covid positive. Can you just talk us through, talk to us about the risks of using unproven treatments in treating Covid and the message to people”.

Kerry Chant: “Um, my message would be simply for all things. Make sure you are getting your health care provided by a health care practitioner and that you seek advice before taking any medications. It is important to seek the best health advice. Our doctors in Australia are across the literature in terms of what drugs and therapies are useful in Covid. So please listen to them.

Stenographer to Kerry Chant chief health officer NSW
11am Press Conference 2nd September 2021

Editors Note: How did the stenographer know that the efficacy of Ivermectin was unproven. There is much expert opinion that would challenge that. What did the stenographer know of the risk. Why did ask the question if they knew the answer. In Kerry’s answer, we learned nothing of the risk. Simply that we should not use it.

Stenographer: “So, At what point does the pandemic end and Covid-19 become endemic”.

Kerry Chant: “I think that’s the reality that most of the world’s confronting. Um, what we’re really pleased to say is we’ve got great vaccines and I think I’ve indicated before that, you know, we will be getting vaccinated regularly. There’ll be new strains that emerge, potentially, and we’ll have boosters; a bit like seasonal flu. So every year in seasonal flu they try to predict which strains are predominating strains and we have a vaccine. What’s really useful is some of the technology. Um, we’ve made vaccines quicker than we’ve ever done them before. And so some of the mRNA technology gives us hope that we’ll be able to rapidly accommodate to any changes in the virus”.

Stenographer to Kerry Chant chief health officer NSW
11am Press Conference 2nd September 2021

“Whilst I am very pleased we are at 70% first dose, as you know I’ve previously said, I want to see the sky’s the limit. I think Australia can be the most vaccinated country in the world because we believe in science”.

Kerry Chant chief health officer NSW
11am Press Conference 2nd September 2021

I am a unvaccinated patriot

This is a patriotic time.
Especially, with all these people injected and feeling pretty good about themselves. Some curmudgeons would call them smug. Not me. I simply want a bit of that admiration. With this in mind I want to put myself forward, and only me, as part of an experiment.

Alfred Hospital in Melbourne is using a new anti-viral drug, Favipirivir, in an experiment involving 120 people. The one I’m proposing will be much cheaper. The Melbourne experiment requires participants to take 18 tablets one day and 8 the next. You’d feel like putting a lid on yourself. Again, my test will use much less.

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