A humble man’s story.

That title isn’t reflecting my assessment but that of Dr Aseem Malhotra. How could someone working in a small aged care facility 100 kilometres from Sydney read things right while someone with his expertise and training read things so poorly? And this is no ego trip. Many others with no medical background read the signs. They, too, chose not to be injected and paid a price for this decision.

The media was a big help to me. A key message was repeated regardless of which mainstream media, government website, politician, celebrity medic or journalist you listened to. It was obvious a large corporate rat was in the building somewhere even if you couldn’t smell him.

“These vaccines are safe and effective”,

supported by:

“If you care about your family, your community and your job, you’ll go and get one or four vaccines.”

Do our media, politicians and celebrity medics all live in the one house?

It was as though all these people lived in the one community house, listened to the same radio and television. The internet was turned off and they enjoyed telling each other the same story over and over again. With this reinforced confidence they repeated the same baleful message to us.

“The problem is people like you”

former Health Service Union official at Jack Mundey celebration

I recall going to a local event celebrating the life of Jack Mundey, one of Australia’s true heroes, mid last year. I sat next to a fellow wearing a mask and thought it a good idea to find out what he knew. Throughout 2020, the virus had been doing its destructive best unperturbed by these miracle vaccines. I asked the fellow how many Australians he thought had died during 2020. His reply was hundreds. The fact was ONE. When I told him, he turned on me saying: “The problem is people like you”.

Even by the time of the Mundey event, with Covid-19 numbers growing, those that had supposedly died from Covid-19 were less than those who had succumbed to influenza and pneumonia.

Anyway, everyone has their own set of numbers which they use to describe the world. It is almost as though the numbers don’t matter. It is the power of the narrative that wins and “You are all going to die or kill everyone else if you don’t take the vaccines” had a punch.

Dr Aseem Malhotra explains his change of heart on vaccines to the World Conference for Health

It seems it even influenced Dr Malhotra to take the injection at his Dad’s urging. His father was a former deputy chair of the British Medical Association and honorary vice president. His father’s death, now attributed to a Pfizer injection taken in July 2021, is at least one factor that caused the doctor to reconsider the safety of these jabs.

So you can see it is a pretty powerful tale that convinces people like this to act against their better interests.

It was a story that had some members of the public cheering attacks on those who didn’t believe it. You must believe it. You must believe this virus is deadly and can kill anyone from 1 to 100. Believe it or we will ban you from cafes and restaurants. Believe it or we will take your job.

Cleverly, our politicians and government bureaucrats had employers do their dirty work. State health orders were issued forcing employers to act as Covid-19 police and evict non-believers from workplaces.

The Dob in a Doctor service

This happened to me. I was working in aged care and even had an exemption from a local doctor allowing me to work past the mandates. When my doctor was called before the Medical Council of NSW to justify her actions, she decided giving up her registration was preferable to facing the medical Stasi.

Seems something my doctor had written on social media indicated she was not perfectly aligned with the pro-vax message. This was picked up by the “Dob in a Doctor Service” formally known as the Health Care Complaints Commission.

Facebook has banned me for life, thank God

Many of us had similar social media experiences. Twitter has thrown me off five times (most recently this morning. I think yesterday’s critique of Jane Halton’s performance did it) and Facebook has banned me for life, thank God.

The official narrative justified all this along with reports of forced injections in remote Indigenous communities, shooting of Victorian citizens with rubber bullets, numerous bashings and manhandling of protesters and reluctant mask wearers.

Australia had some internationally recognised lockdown policies with Victoria earning the title lockdown capital of the world. Premier Dan Andrews had children’s playgrounds taped off and police invaded the home of a pregnant woman whose Facebook posts proposed breaking these mad restrictions.

The NSW Deputy Police Commissioner warned us that if more than one of us per house, ONCE A DAY, went shopping during lockdown periods that our neighbours would be sure to dob us in.

Lockdown policy justified QR codes to monitor where we went as a backup to 24 hour surveillance by our own mobile phones.

Pretty strong narrative.

Might this narrative be wrong?

Did anyone stop to consider it might be wrong? Not only the policies for their effectiveness and not just the bloody vaccine story but ALL OF IT. In that community house nothing stirred the journalists and politicians. All through last year, rising to a crescendo in early 2022, the official story went unchallenged by mainstream media and government.

More and more Australians through 2021 took the injections. When they didn’t work they were told the boosters will work for sure. Suddenly, we heard the word wane. What, the injections wane? Yes, but they are lessening the viral load. Weren’t you listening? That is what our authorities really meant and that is what they were aiming for all along.

We all cling tenaciously to our understanding of how the world works. This understanding guides our actions. It did mine. Many people trusted government so they believed politicians and celebrity medics when they told us getting vaccinated was the right thing to do.

The desire to be right is much more important to us than many realize and it is often only during events like these, during elections and on social media that we discover this desire’s deep, emotionally charged elements.

With every vaccination people appeared to become more certain of the correctness and often the virtue of their decision. And despite the failure of the injections to protect them from anything, many failed to see a problem.

Understanding would have been helped by honest reporting of the growing and disturbing number of injection induced injuries and deaths. This is the greatest crime of all. As recently as last night, Australia’s ABC ran a story about young people dying mysteriously from heart attacks.

Norman is now the patron saint of the guileless and the perfectly uninformed

Staggeringly, we still have plaintiff calls from the ABC’s Norman Swan for us to go out and get a booster. Norm is now the patron saint of the guileless and the perfectly uninformed with a radio podcast and a couple of books on the back of his Covid-19 inspired celebrity status.

Here is another lovely example Norman’s work. In this in interview with Prof Tony Cunningham from the Westmead Institute for Medical Research. The first thing Tony tells us is that shingles is a reactivation of the Chicken Pox virus caused by waning t-cell immunity.

There is growing evidence that the mRNA program is reactivating shingles in thousands of people. Did Norman have Professor Cunningham tell you about this? No, he had him tell you about a GlaxoSmithKline vaccine that will address the problem caused by the mRNA vax. And did the Prof have a relationship with them? You bet he did.

You start to wonder how many people work in medicine whose opinion isn’t compromised.

Why didn’t I believe the official story?

So why didn’t you and I buy the narrative? I listened to people with different perspectives from Norman and the other Big Pharma touts. Wonderfully passionate people like Dr Peter McCullough and Dr Pierre Kory. They asked questions about whether the vaccines were necessary. They argued treatments made these vaccines unnecessary. They argued the vaccines might well be dangerous.

In May 2021, virologist, Byram Bridle, spoke of a Japanese study indicating the mRNA effusion did NOT stay in the arm but travelled throughout the body. He received death threats.

Every sentence these people formed was coherent with ones they had uttered before. This was not true for the main narrative that worked like a large tarpaulin to smother and conceal the work of good people while hiding the Big Pharma team’s own mistakes. “Nothing to see here”.

But we couldn’t discuss any of this. The censoring of alternative opinion through mainstream and social media was infuriating, beyond infuriating. Someone was hiding something. They might be hiding a lot.

The contradictions, lies and unnecessary hardships experienced by people of this country and the world have been astounding in their volume and their reach. What was it all about?

Let’s return to Dr Malhotra. In this tweet he responds to a question whether the authorities in the USA like the CDC and the MHRA knew what they were doing. He replies that he doesn’t think so.

What happened to curiosity?

Every doctor I have spoken to – and there have been more than a few – along with the pharmacist I spoke to last week faithfully followed the official narrative and were incensed if you challenged it. .

What sort of training leaves them so blind to corruption? How can they be so incurious as to miss the greatest crime in human history? Is plausible deniability to be allowed and how far down the chain of command?

Here is a tip to you doctors who accepted and complied with the mainstream line. Drop the imperious tone in conversation. Drop the cloak of infallibility and find that missing curiosity.

It is unclear whether the charge against you of being a witting or unwitting dupe is more damning.

In 1910, the Flexner Report proposed a revolution that involved getting rid of naturopathic remedies and replacing them with an oil magnate’s vision for the American health system. That magnate, John D Rockefeller, was the son of a true to life snake oil salesman.

At the centre of implementing the report’s findings was Frederick Taylor Gates, a distant relative of modern day Bill. Finding a vociferous Bill Gates on the pro-vax side of the Covid-19 debate was another strong clue that current initiatives had little to do with public health.

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