Last Saturday, my friends in the Blue Mountains held a protest at Echo Point in support of Julian Assange. Indigenous Elder Aunty Carol Cooper welcomed us to this sacred women’s space. The plan from there was for self-nominated speakers to mount an empty chair next to three locals wearing masks representing Edward Snowden, Julian Assange and Chelsea Manning. Each speaker took a couple of minutes to make their case. United in purpose, all was going splendidly until Snowden leapt from his chair to assail a newly arrived protester.

Snowden, Assange and Manning at Echo Point

The new arrival was distributing little Australian flags to hesitant members of the crowd. People accepted them with the alacrity of someone handed an undefused bomb. Brave Snowden snatched those he could wrestle free from the flag-bearer and demanded an end to this insult.

The flag-bearer replied: “This is the Australian flag”. Threats followed back and forth with each promising to flatten the other. Thus our efforts to free Julian were delayed until the flag-bearer retreated and Snowden remounted his chair.

Are there lessons we can learn?

Putting aside the humorous angle of someone seeking to shut down free speech or action at a rally in support of free speech, this event bears a little analysis for what it says about a broader issue.

I can verify, our two combatants are good men. So what was the cause of the fracas. The invasion of that little flag with its Union Jack in the corner was always going to inflame a group that sees itself as left. By turning up unannounced and unwanted at this sacred space, it might count itself lucky to have avoided an impromptu burning. If that wasn’t enough to set some people off then Jack’s role in Assange’s torture and endless detention rounds out a pretty sharp argument. It is one I understand and agree with.

Sir David Smith announces Gough Whitlam’s sacking 11th November 1975

We might also discuss how the flag of another country came to sit in the corner of our flag and why we are comfortable with it. This is even more remarkable when one reflects that the British monarchy’s representative deposed our government in 1975. How could any Australian with a discernible pulse not resent this symbol of our subservience. I agree with myself again.

The other side of the argument is that Assange is an Australian citizen. It is the failure of successive national governments to treat him like one that is central to the counter position. It is this flag that flies in celebration of the growing number of unnecessary wars we have engaged in and on all official occasions.

“Ultimately, our flag serves as a potent symbol of our nation, of many backgrounds, but ultimately united together by shared values and ideals and a respect for each other and the diversity that is the very essence of who we are.”

– His Excellency General the Honourable Sir Peter Cosgove AK MC (Ret’d) former Governor General of the Commonwealth of Australia.

“Ultimately, our flag serves as a potent symbol of our nation, of many backgrounds, but ultimately united together by shared values and ideals and a respect for each other and the diversity that is the very essence of who we are.”
– His Excellency General the Honourable Sir Peter Cosgove AK MC (Ret’d) former Governor General of the Commonwealth of Australia.

Tell that to Julian Assange. So what did he do to have himself excluded from such a grand all-embracing vision that includes you, me and our two feuding friends?

The problem is Misology

He threatened to set misology free. What is misology?

Misology: the fear of argument, reasoning or enlightenment.

Nothing terrifies a politician more than the general public having enough information to engage in informed debate. That is why they make sure we have as little of it as possible. And sometimes, for our own benefit, the information they give us needs to be plain wrong. This need has never been more apparent than in these past three years.

After meeting with British Prime Minister, Liz Truss, over the weekend for reasons undisclosed, did we hear about Anthony Albanese’s representations on Assange’s behalf? No, we got this: “It was very positive and we discussed a range of subjects”.

No, you may not know what those discussions were. How impertinent of you to ask. The boy of the working class, housing commission, log cabin story expects you to know your place.

So we diligently perform our perfunctory roles in society but when someone like Julian sees us worthy of having a say in foreign policy or in which country’s citizens we should sanction or beat up next, he has gone too far. When he used Wikileaks to show us how our governments were behaving, misology ran wild. It was impossible to contradict his excellently sourced material, so our leaders and their media lapdogs went for his character. To this day, nothing Wikileaks has published has been proven false.

Choose your prejudice

Despite this, mainstream media has developed an anti-Assange argument to meet every taste. Do you want to believe Assange is a rapist, a cat abuser, lazy, filthy, irresponsible, narcissistic, Putin collaborator then there is at least one article – possibly fifty – to support your unexamined prejudices. Lissa Johnson remains the best and most forensic debunker of these media lickspittles’ spin.

Former Labor Deputy Leader’s trashing of Julian Assange see link below

Here Australia’s last two Deputy Labor leaders are doing the job the Prime Minister can’t. Prime Minister Albo (never trust anyone who uses his own nickname) has to pretend that former Governor-General Cosgrove’s eloquence means something. Richard Marles and Tanya Plibersek (go the 4min 54sec point) can then play the role of attack dogs in pushing misology back in its cage and Assange to a United States prison for life.

I’m saying nothing

I was invited to and planned to speak at the Echo Point event. Yet, I had also been urged, in the past by fellow Assange supporters, to refrain from linking Assange’s story with the Covid-19 plandemic. I couldn’t refrain from doing so, so I chose not to speak.

When people started distributing those useless blue masks, I knew I had made the right call. Where we stood, looked down on an ocean of green fading to blue across a vast ancient eucalypt forest. Eucalypts’ very effusion is a commonly prescribed natural breathing remedy.

Why should I think there is a link between Assange and Covid-19?

I do not seek to compare Assange’s brutal treatment with any other Australian’s experience. Not even cosseted Peter Greste or Kylie Moore-Gilbert.

Where I do make comparison is between the desperate attempts to prevent Assange’s expose of official corruption and the related assassination of his character with the comparatively minor but extensive experiences of many Australians in the Covid-19 era.

I compare attempts to shut down any discussion of Assange’s revelations with attempts by our politicians, medics, statutory bodies, media and police to demand our compliance. This in the face of stark contradictory evidence drawn from our own research and plain bloody common sense.

Assange tried to help us understand the world. The official Covid-19 message was that we should not emulate him, even in our small way. All enlightenment must be received from official sources. I am not a doctor, so the narrative went, so I must not pretend to be one.

Safe and Effective

Locking us in our homes with all TV sets running the same mindless 3 word slogans, “Safe and effective”, “safe and effective”, “safe and effective” seems to have been a plan. All media messaging conformed to guidelines from the International Fact-Checking Network (2015) and more recently the Trusted News Initiative (2019).

Like Assange, many of us had our rights curtailed. No, I was not locked up though some of us were. Many, like me, lost our jobs. We were prevented from discussing a maddening set of rules that even to this day are backed by a science we cannot discuss and don’t believe. Misology at its finest.

Former Defence Minister, Richard Marles, in the link above, spoke of Assange’s work exposing Australian servicemen to danger. In truth, as Mark Davies explained (see clip below), Assange was the only one of the 4 publishers who cared to redact names before publishing. Similarly, the unvaccinated were accused of placing the dutifully compliant in life threatening peril. It is now apparent that in too many cases that compliance became a lasting legacy of remorse.

Mark Davis explains Assange’s diligent efforts to redact names from the Wikileaks dumps

For people who didn’t want to know or didn’t know where to look, they were stuck with the Big Pharma world view. They didn’t hear plausible, passionate, frontline clinicians who contradicted these simplistic messages. Instead, they endured hour after hour of breathless interviewers fawning over the pronunciamentos of shiny bummed medics proclaiming that only the “vaccines” could save us from certain death. Thus minds were sealed.

Misology was adopted as standard operating procedure by the injected. Why would they want to examine their potential folly.

Maybe Julian was lucky

I suspect Assange was lucky, in a sense, that he had a large following from the time of Wikileaks War Logs release in 2010. In more recent times, many on the Australian left, his traditional supporters, have become quite deranged.

In making this comment and what follows, I am aware that I am leaving myself open to the accusation of generalising. Yet, I have noticed an increasing unanimity of opinion and a strange comfort with ideas that once would have been labelled totalitarian. You of the left are our media’s target.

This new left seems to have little concept that it is the Democrats in the USA that are now the more committed warmongers. It seems hard for them to imagine that anyone could be more trigger happy than the villain of the Iraq War, Republican George W Bush and his henchman. Yet, George W left Obama two wars. Obama left Trump seven.

This left is more concerned with media reports of what Trump did or might do than what Biden is doing now. To describe old Joe’s public comments in relation to Assange as hostile is the essence of euphemism.

Senior ABC presenter with her hero, Hillary Clinton

Hillary is revered by the luvvies of our pseudo-left, uber-woke national broadcaster. Through her efforts, Libya now offers you the opportunity to trade or be traded in open slave markets.

She also made false accusations of collusion between Trump and Assange claiming their liaisons enabled the former’s election success. This flowed into the Russiagate nonsense so ably dismantled by Aaron Mate along with the OPCW fraud. This remains an article of faith for many lefties. Of those who joined the debate after 2016, only the most iron-willed can have withstood the relentless anti-Assange media propaganda.

Our new left follows our Prime Minister’s lead in wearing blue and yellow badges and ribbons. Blue and yellow flags decorate their activist social media pages. Our media never tells them about the Minsk Accord, the Maidan massacre, the shutdown of Crimea’s water supply, the extensive US funded Ukrainian biolabs or the extraordinary amount of money that the west has poured into this madhouse.

You might be startled to learn how much of this money has simply disappeared. About 6 weeks ago, in a break from practice, US broadcaster CBS thought it would report on this. The report lasted a day before management was warned it was not their job to interfere in this boondoggle. To their horror, it was explained they had misinformed so they took it down.

And of course it was largely this left who associated vaccination with noble sacrifice. We are in a war and each injection is an act of solidarity. Those who refuse are simply traitors. I was shunned by such people who had formerly been friends.

Conservative governments who refused to follow the script are even now accused of employing “let it Rip” policies and of being controlled by evil capitalist forces. They might also be described as governments that wanted people to work and feed their families.

The Victorian Labor Government of Dan Andrews was a responsible “lock them down” rather than “let it rip” operation. Many Dan supporters still think his government is the exemplar of good Covid management. His team celebrated the longest lockdowns in the world. Extremely active policing involving arrest, harrassment and even bashing of the unmasked marked this period. Another highlight was the shooting of citizens with rubber bullets.

This next clip shows Dan’s Chief Health Officer, Brett Sutton, on a recent victory lap.

The New Left

The left I grew up with would never support this. We were anti-war, the enemy of the 1% and their hangers on. This is the same enemy we face now. We were people who believed in and participated in our communities. We offered and received help where needed. We believed bad laws must be disobeyed. I am after all a First Fleet descendant.

A large part of Australia’s left is now rabidly pro-vax, pro-Ukraine, pro-NATO, pro-renewables with its disturbing implications for future austerity, pro-Biden, pro-Albo and pro a wide range of woke madness. This is a madness that has them supporting militarism and the oppression of those who are not appropriately supine in the face of authority.

People like Craig Kelly, Malcolm Roberts, George Christensen, Gerard Rennick and Alex Antic sought to warn us about the dangers these experimental injections presented. Even now I know that to raise their names is to lose the argument with a left leaner so I don’t.

No need to go there anyway. There are many wonderful sources like Peter McCullough, Paul Marik, Pierrer Kory and more but that is why people who are traditionally of the right have been much better at protecting themselves from predatory Big Pharma. They saw through local stooges like the 96% privately funded TGA. They listened. They didn’t allow hubris to dominate sense. I have also learned the word freedom actually meant something to them.

Have I made my case?

So have I justified to you my reason for not speaking? Have I explained satisfactorily the link between Assange’s experience and those who failed to comply over the past two years? Probably not but let me have one more shot at it.

King Charles (then Prince) addressing
the World Economic Forum

As I write, a television in another room is retailing “the golden threads of the Queen’s life”. Once she is laid to her final rest in the next hour or six Charles will take over. Towards the end of Saturday’s protest a good friend made the observation that perhaps the third Charles will be the saviour Julian Assange is waiting for. Had they been watching more closely they would have noted his links with Klaus Schwab and the World Economic Forum. I suspect it is more likely Charlie will see us all in detention centres.

The real link between Julian Assange and us is that we face the same enemy. This is an enemy we can’t see but we can see what it does. We see its footmen and their ability to force key organizational elements of our society to their will. While Julian has been living with this enemy for 10 years, it has only revealed itself to us in the last two.

These two years were no aberration. This unseen force has plans to introduce a new normal. A glossy simplified version is all we see. If we accept this fakery, it will lead us to hell on earth. We must not comply. We must discard our fear, engage our reason and reach for a new enlightenment.

Warren Ross

The Blue Mountains’ best ever Councillor and some of her Katoomba chalk work
John Shipton and his team’s visit to Katoomba. I am holding the camera

8 thoughts on “Julian, the Queen & Covid-19

  1. Thanks Warren, very insightful, and yes I can see the relationship of JA and covid-19, unfortunately a larger malevolent picture exposing itself.

    I’m starting to see a ‘ruthless’ side to King Chuck, he’s given us many warnings via WEF already!

    Our basic rights and values and ways of living are being attacked from many angles, we need more than ever to stand solidly with each other, and more than anything ‘keep the peace’ amongst us!

    English translation: Don’t let the bastards grind you down.

    1. Yes, Michael, keeping the peace among ourselves is important. It is also a good idea sometimes to try to understand what we are fighting about.

  2. Too gutless to stand up to the American military machine so we sacrifice the rights of our citizens. It’s true . Albo is not making enough noise. Bring Julian Assange home. That will prove we are independent.

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