“This is a story of concerned people who wish to visit our region to understand the impact of Covid-19 and its experimental injections on its residents. More importantly, it is also a story of the people who want to stop them. Want to know more about this group’s visit to Katoomba on 25th September?

I live in a small town 100 kilometres west of Sydney. It is part of the ancient Blue Mountains and is one of Australia’s major tourist regions. It is also favoured by many artists, musicians and writers drawn to the beauty of the region and, until recently, cheaper housing.

Katoomba NSW Australia

For 25 years, my town, Katoomba, was home to one of the country’s largest community festivals. Held on the weekend nearest the winter solstice, it was a time when we took over our town and the bureaucrats at the Blue Mountains City Council lived in fear of what we might do. Our shops became art galleries and the whole town became a performance space. Attendance grew from a few thousand in 1994 to 40-50,000 in later years.

No serious incidents. No injury to person or property throughout this time while it brought immense joy to those who attended. Locals spent much of the preceding year prepping their activities. For children, it was the year’s highlight.


That was before the fear. Fear of what? Fear of everything. Firstly, there was the fear of too many people, followed by fear of a terrorist attack and finally the great Covid-19 fear. The festival is now gone, unlikely to return; but we still have Covid-19. Covid is the bureaucrat’s and the politician’s dream. Its versatility means that it never goes away and can be used to justify anything.

Take a 5th and 6th jab because the 4th didn’t work. Wear a mask everywhere. Cancel Christmas, birthdays, christenings, anniversaries, weddings, funerals, visits to nursing homes, holidays, jobs, free speech and friendships. The fear must be protected. Don’t ask questions because the fear doesn’t like it. Avoid people who want to ask them. It might mean forming a new set of friends. The fear doesn’t care.

This occurred to me when listening to one of the great protectors of the fear, my local Mayor; Mark Greenhill. What the fear really hates is misinformation. What is it? I can’t tell what this misinformation is but there are people who have lots of it and they drive a bus. The bus is owned by the Australian Vaccination-risks Network (AVN). As our Mayor and his “keen and astute observers of the world” told us recently, these people threaten the fear.

10 Exquisite Minutes

Let me present an exquisite 10 minutes of fear garnished with derision and disdain for anyone who dares question the preeminent role of fear in our lives. All tied up with numbers that bear no challenge and little sense. There is no question who was the star of this show but there are a couple of excellent supporting performances.

After listening to their eloquence, I tried to determine the threat the AVN (the bus people) represented to our Councillors’ certainties. So I wrote to Council. Sadly, it seems misinformation is more like Ebola than Omicron. Even our Councillors are fearful they might spread or catch it. I received this reply from the Mayor and await replies from his circumspect colleagues.

“My primary vote at the last election bespeaks my engagement with my community. Especially since I actually campaigned on the issue of vaccines and denialism. Have a good day and feel no need to write to me further on this matter ”.
Mayor Mark Greenhill to me 6th September 2022

He seems to be a very popular Mayor or thinks he is. There are now plans for redesigning the region’s local government framework which will place him right at the centre of it.

While Mayor Greenhill is beyond peer as a protector of his flock, he is ably supported by at least two of his fellow Councillors. Like the Mayor, they are lovers of free speech but they are making an exception in this case. Someone less pleasant might explain to them that this fails the test for free speech.

*Dob in a Doctor

Councillor Sage deserves special commendation for her commitment to harassment of doctors going back 8 years. She explains that her loathing of the AVN goes back to her time as Deputy Chair of the Health Care Complaints Commission Oversights Committee. This is best described as the “dob in a doctor” project.

What have these doctors done? They have ignored official letters threatening them with deregistration if they say anything uncomplimentary about the injections. Nothing can be allowed to temper our fear. Not even truth. In fact, there is no truth if it challenges the fear.

Back to the Mayor. It won’t do to keep him out of the spotlight too long. He is no newcomer to the Covid fear project. Back in September 2021, one week before Australia’s regulatory body banned ivermectin, he was calling for the Blue Mountains to become a vaccination hub. It was a good time for fear as Delta was raging as opposed to the hopeless Omicron. Fear had few better friends than Delta and Mark fostered that friendship.

In the above Australian Broadcasting Commission (ABC) interview, he explains that if we carefully follow his instructions we can save the state if not the country but we have to be on watch for people sneaking in from Sydney. So much responsibility.

Why Should You Care About Our Little Town?

No reason you should, I guess, but I don’t think our experience has been much different to the rest of the western world. We have seen more madness than parts of the USA, less than at times in Germany and Austria but similar examples of bureaucratic overreach have stretched across the globe.

In Australia, it is the so-called left Labor Party that has been the most zealous. This party has been extraordinarily shrill in calling for harsher lockdowns, more mask-wearing, faster, ubiquitous vaccinating. They used this point of difference as a key campaign thrust in the recent national election. Their aligned unions betrayed workers abandoning them to job mandates. I had direct experience of this.

It was a Victorian Labor Government that gave its people the world’s longest lockdown program. The Premier, Dan Andrews, organized the shooting of his own citizens with rubber bullets. What was their crime? Resisting the fear. No party official anywhere in the country spoke out.

Who is right?

Our Mayor says he knows nothing of the World Economic Forum. To him, this is the talk of conspiracy theorists. He is unsure it exists. For a “keen and astute observer of the world” this is an embarrassing admission. Mark, it exists and a person’s understanding of the pandemic falls well short of informed without a full appreciation of its involvement.

See original Tweet here.

Yet, if Mayor Mark Greenhill is right and this fear deserves elevation to the most important thing in our lives then he should continue what he is doing and saying. If he is right, he is saving lives with every council urgency motion, press release and radio interview. The bus must be stopped.

If not, he may be supporting a conspiracy against humanity of unimaginable evil. He may be supporting a program that has seen millions murdered and maimed.

If he is not right, he supported a program that denied people lifesaving anti-viral treatments that would have made these poisonous experimental injections unnecessary. If Dr Peter McCullough is right, this would have saved 80-85% of Americans who died from Covid complications.

If the Mayor is not right, he simply encouraged fear and division in our community through pointless lockdowns, masks and accompanying prosopagnosia, PCR-tests, social distancing and his love of demonising anyone who disagrees with him. This latter is one of his great skills.

He had better be right otherwise the damage done to local businesses, the job losses, the downturn in tourism trade and the emptying out of our cultural life will be his legacy.

The same charges I level at Mayor Mark Greenhill I direct at our Labor State and Federal members. I fear they have betrayed us. Wittingly or not, the result will be the same; untold misery that should have been avoided.

So let the bus come and let us find out who is right.

Want to find out more about the Australian Vaccination-risks Network’s visit to Katoomba on 25th September? Come and tell them your story or learn about their aims.

This article can also be found at Katoomba Review on SubStack.

  • Dob – to put someone in to the authorities for some supposed crime. It was once considered one of the worst things an Australian could do but today some people make a career out of it. Someone who dobs is known as a dobber. In New South Wales, during the lockdowns, the Deputy Police Commissioner, Gary Worboys, warned us one shopper was allowed to go out and do the shopping on behalf of a family and that person was only allowed out ONCE a day. He warned us that if we didn’t obey this rule, our neighbours would certainly dob us in.

Warren Ross

12 thoughts on “We Must Protect the Fear

  1. The behaviour of the fear mongers is despicable, disgraceful and dishonest, the whole concept is an infraction of or rights, free speech and an erosion of our democracy.
    Freedom of choice is an unalienable right, preserve it at all cost !

  2. Hi Warren, a brilliant expose of our Mayor and his hysterical conduct when challenged on his actions. A fantastic article which should be spread far and wide through the mountains. If only the Gazette would publish (not a chance).
    I politely questioned the Mayor on his Facebook page about the bus banning issue, he promptly banned me from even looking at his page. That includes his personal one and the Mayoral one. He seems to be slightly? unhinged.
    Regards Diane

    1. Thanks Diane. All I want is discussion around this subject and when I see the Mayor ridiculing his opposition without actually engaging with people, I get very annoyed.

  3. Your article outlines perfectly the problems inherent with a council or any government seeking to be the arbiter of what is true and what is not. If you say – as this council has – I support free speech, but… the use of that three-letter word demonstrates clearly that you in fact do NOT support free speech.

    The fear is real. It is pervasive and it is encouraged and promulgated by those who we have, via our vote, put into positions of power to keep the streets clean, the trains running on time and our borders secure. They have failed on all of their important infrastructure and security roles and instead, are insinuating themselves into our lives and freedoms where they absolutely do not belong!

    Thank you for exposing this bigotry (which is what I call it) in all its ‘glory’ and for shining a light on their anti-democratic, anti-freedom attitude.

    Your readers should know that the Vaxxed Bus WILL be in Katoomba on the 25th of September regardless of the Mayor’s wishes. We WILL be speaking with those in the community who have been affected by vaccine injury and we WILL be giving them the voice that Cr Greenhill and his ilk are trying to silence. If anyone would like to come see the bus, meet the team or tell a vaccine injury or unvaccinated story, they need to book via https://calendly.com/avnvaxxedbustournsw2022

    We would love to speak with the good Mayor and correct his (many) incorrect statements and teach him a bit about why freedom of bodily integrity is paramount and no government, medical authority or pharmaceutical interest should ever be able to control or abridge that right. Unfortunately, he has shown us the same unwillingness to engage in respectful conversation as he has shown you. C’est la vie!

    Thank you once again for stating this so well and standing up for liberty!
    Meryl Dorey
    Founder and past President
    The Australian Vaccination-risks Network (avn.org.au)

    1. Thanks for those details, Meryl. I have added links to your 25 September visit at the top and bottom of the article. I look forward to meeting your group at that time. Your work is so important and you must be listened to before much more damage is done.

      The word that best describes my experience of analysis in the post-Covid world is contained in the word misology: the fear of conversation or debate.

  4. Thank you for this post. I have been enraged for weeks after reading some Facebook thread on Mark Greenhills page where there was a group of people including him singling out the business which my cafe is a part of due to us choosing to have information on the front window concerning the alarming adverse reactions as well as other sourced facts and figures. They were all having a go at how they were disgusted by our misinformation etc blah blah…. The point it that he was in the conversation pointing the finger and laughing with the mob. This is totally unacceptable.
    I have lost business due to this and have to endure constant jeers and finger pointing of passers by. I have a thick skin, but he’s acting totally unprofessionally not to mention unethically.
    (Cafe del Ra)
    114 Bathurst rd katoomba.

    1. BEST COFFEE IN TOWN TOO. This is the problem with the tribal nature of modern politics. The sycophancy of the tribe feeds the chief’s ego and pretty soon he can’t see the point in talking to anyone else. The scorn placed on people asking reasonable questions is what wound me up. There is nothing in that window that can’t be defended, as you know.

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