Open letter to the to Rachel Schaer,
the BBC’s Disinformation Officer

Thanks, Rachel, for your review of the film “Died Suddenly. May I congratulate you on the speed of this hit job. I note you are employed as a dis / mis information officer at the BBC. I am aware that the BBC is the centre of The Trusted News Initiative set up in the middle of 2019 just in time to control the Covid-19 mainstream media narrative.

This is the work you are continuing. You and others have sought to conceal the murder and maiming of an enormous numbers of people around the world.

I have watched the film and found much of its evidence and narrative compelling. There may have been errors and I look forward to people pointing them out. In the meantime, I urge people to make up their own minds after watching.

The purpose of your review was, obviously, to dissuade people from watching it. Such criminality is not what we need at present. We need curiosity, understanding and action. Amnesty can wait and I fear there will be little for people like you.

Below I take the key elements of your article which will stand as an exemplar of mainstream media deceit and the pathologising of journalism. Your review of the film is puerile at best. I will leave it to others to offer a less objective perspective:

  1. “The claims made in the video quickly fall apart under scrutiny. Vast amounts of evidence from different independent scientists all over the world, as well as the experiences of billions of people, have shown that serious Covid vaccine side effects are rare”.

    How about you define rare for us? Countries all over the world have death rates exceeding their monthly average. Do you want this damage to continue? You are obviously not referring to independent experts like Peter McCullough, Pierre Kory, Paul Marik, Tess Lawrie or even the awakened Aseem Malhotra.

2. “Victoria’s wife, Madelaine Gold … had an advanced stage of cancer, though she had been doing better just before she died”

Are you aware of the growing instance of “suddenly” reanimated cancers or aren’t you allowed to do that sort of research? “There is no suggestion the vaccine had anything to do with her death”, you say. You seem to want that to stand for all stories of this type. Should we take the word of a paid BBC hack? How about we listen again to John Campbell?

3. Article title –They died suddenly – then the anti-vax trolling”

On trolling, there has been much less trolling by so-called anti-vaxxers than media disinformation experts would have people believe. The anti-vaxxer, better described as the sensible anti-experimental injection movement, has been viciously policed and largely shut out of the major social media platforms. Rachel, you must know that. If people are “trolling” Ms Brownworth, it is the middle unaligned group that is waking up. That is the real problem for Big Pharma touts like yourself.

4. “One headline reads: ‘My kind, compassionate son died unexpectedly’. Another clip shows a young athlete dramatically keeling over. Together, this can easily be used to paint an alarming picture of something suspicious going on'”.

Painting, suspicious, alarming? This has always been the unfathomable part of the anti-vax conspiracy story. Why would anyone go to so much trouble when there is no money or reward in it. There is only calumny and ridicule for principled opponents of this eugenics project. Again, Rachel, you might consider the damage you are doing by dismissing these tragedies. I do NOT mean to appeal to your morality. I suspect you buried that years ago. I mean to arouse your fear. The horror that people like you have inflicted on the public cannot go unpunished.

5. “Other people featured are also still alive. And several of the genuine deaths are explained by an alternative cause within the very news reports used as evidence by the film makers”.

There are many who are not and I find it hard to take your word for it that “there are others”. You do not have a strong track record for truth telling. You seem to spend much more time off the rails. There is ample evidence of many unusual deaths that a good journalist would want investigated. This is the problem with journalists paid to lie to us. Their scribblings don’t seem to make sense unless you follow the money.

6. “I’ve spoken to people affected”.

You are kidding me. That made me laugh.

7. It’s not possible to measure vaccine side effects by simply Googling news reports. As Dr Frank Han, a US cardiologist says, it can ‘give you pieces of the puzzle, but actual medical training is necessary to link all the pieces of how the body works together‘”.

Strangely, this quote does not appear anywhere outside references to the your article even if you search on Google. Your quote is the single source. Are there many Dr Frank Hans? I wonder whether you were referring to this one who said: “The age groups most at risk are older boys and young adult men. The time period of highest risk is after the 2nd dose”. I suspect he is our man because elsewhere in the article he argues people should not allow themselves to be weaponised by anti-vaccine activists. For a bit of anti-vaccine activism by a higher profile cardiologist try Aseem Malhotra?

8. “Long stretches of the film involve gruesome images of clots being pulled out of bodies, designed to suggest Covid vaccines are having alarming effects”.

Now, these burblings of yours are indefensible. These were very concerned embalmers and undertakers who had never seen anything like this before. Are you really questioning the integrity of John O’Looney? Continuing this line will confirm for you a very dubious international reputation.

9. “In fact, a large study found a “lower (not higher) rate of stillbirth among those vaccinated in pregnancy compared to those who were not …” [Dr Victoria Male]

You are deplatformed here:

10. “Since Elon Musk took over he’s just, you know, let it be the Wild West again,”

Elon Musk’s Wild West? Even at its most liberal, Twitter management maintained a vigilant policy of pro-vax censorship and deranking. This was always slanted to an elite agenda. What you said here is plain stupid and relies on people whose bias is unreachable.

Finally, Rachel, I ask you to stop. Try to find yourself a real job and preferably one that doesn’t hurt people. Lay off the animals too.

The article can also be found at Katoomba Review on Substack

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