Two nights ago, the ABC’s (Australian Broadcasting Commission) ace reporter, Sarah Ferguson, interviewed one of the great criminals of the last two thousand years. There is no hyperbole in this and if you found any then your ignorance is now on full display.

Sometimes the ABC produces programs so exquisitely designed to get on my nerves that I fear NSW Health has handed on my DNA from one of those foolishly taken local PCR-tests and Yuval Harari already has me hacked.

Every sentence, every stupid question, every simpering appeal to this monster appeared carefully crafted to jangle my nerves. I normally leave the room week nights when this Hillary Clinton groupie turns up but I was intrigued to hear what she might contrive with this rat. He was cornered. For God’s sake, Sarah, snap the trap. Nothing, NOTHING. In seconds I went from homicidal to suicidal, due to the absence of an appropriate victim. After a mere three minutes, I ran from the room to save my life.

I wonder why the comments were turned off. In fact, I have just checked another couple of ABC videos related to Fauci and all comments are tuned off. What are they afraid of?

I was once an ABC protector

Sarah the Ace Reporter was so sycophantic to this monster and patronising to her audience that it got me thinking what might we do with the ABC in the new world we must create Let me confide, I was once an ABC protector. I really did think we were better off with it than without it. We needed a government perspective, especially a Labor one, to stand up for us. I don’t think that any more.

Clearly, the ABC is today the mouthpiece of our fascist state. A step too far? Think Iraq. Now, think Ukraine and this time the ABC and Labor are cheering the fascists. Though the blue and yellow pom poms aren’t dragged out as often as they were a few months ago, to be anti-Ukraine remains a sign of instability, or worse, unvaccination. These people NEVER appear on any of its programs so they only exist as objects of woke scorn.

Still, what to do with the ABC. I don’t want to see its assets stripped. I want every object that might remind me of it melted down. I want its fit staff sent to labour camps. Perhaps, the ones already built in Queensland by Palaszczuk. The grounds for exemption from this penalty should be very stringent. This should reflect the ABC’s failure to defend unvaccinated workers seeking media support

The unfit or the presenters that ran segments endlessly on the Drum about NDIS and Aged Care without calling for any real action could fix the aged care worker shortage. They would get some real experience of low wages and hard, useful work.

Turn ABC Ultimo Into a Homeless Shelter

Once the meltdown is complete, I would turn the ABC’s Ultimo address into a homeless shelter. QandA, 7,30, Insiders, The Drum and innumerable Radio National programs take turns each week in hand-wringing about homelessness. For 20 years they’ve invited earnest and seemingly useless guests on to discuss how homelessness might be handled. I imagine with a bit of gyprock, Ita’s office will house 6 or 7 families.

Another favourite on the ABC discussion reel is rising house prices. Sometimes, instead of useless guests, useless politicians are invited in to pretend they care. We are stupid. Otherwise, we would see that people with investment properties don’t really have much interest in lower house prices. This has had a selective eugenics effect that has slanted the economics to our young people’s disadvantage and does little to assist the raising of families.

The ABC and the politicians it invites to participate in this pantomime wanted us to think they cared and for too long we did but they didn’t. The closing of the few remaining regional offices may offer home to a family or two. This will remain a difficult problem but at least we won’t have to listen to ABC experts touting Phillip Lowe’s no interest rate rises till 2024. How they must laughing in the backroom of the Reserve Bank about that one.

What happened to the surplus?

For years, I wondered why governments didn’t use their fiat currency to stimulate our economy by building vital wealth expanding infrastructure. Why did they allow financial markets to take control of our economy and turn residential housing into its plaything? Just two years ago, everything was about the surplus and budget constraints. This was equally true in the USA.

Then suddenly, in both places and much of the western world, surpluses didn’t matter any more.

Deficits ballooned. Banks were awash with money for the big, fat, greedy end of town. Meanwhile, our small and medium businesses were shut down taking our jobs with them. Unions didn’t care. Nor did our politicians. Nor did the ABC.

Author – Norman Swan

What this trio really cared about was our adherence to a new faith. A fierce deity had supplanted the old and its priests permitted no cavillers or carpers to query its mighty unstated goals. The ABC solemnly reported the new faith’s rituals and some staff, like Norman Swan, found Covid allowed them to do a little business on the side.

Shiny-bummed medics take their seats

Medical synods were assembled around the world to decide which priests upheld the faith and which were blasphemers. The truly devout filled non-clinical roles at universities, government statutory bodies and Bill Gates funded institutes. They hated ivermectin, loved masks and lockdowns, trusted PCR-tests and had never seen an experimental vaccine they didn’t like.

What united them was the belief the virus was extremely dangerous to everyone at all times AND there was no treatment for it. NONE. You simply had to wait and hope it didn’t kill you while geniuses like Dame Sarah Gilbert – interviewed by an effusive Fran Kelly – worked day and night to produce the safe and effective vaccines that would fill the legs of so many with clots.

Among the great in Australia were spirit guides like Raina Macintyre, Marylouise McLaws, Catherine Bennett, Brendan Crabb, Peter Doherty, Sharon Lewin and Tony Blakely.

We note that Blakely has recently been appointed to direct a review of New Zealand’s disastrous Covid-19 response. He is unlikely to find too much wrong. Blakely is a zealous champion of childhood vaccines.

Was Robert Kennedy Junior Right?

Above all of this stood The Great Fauci. Was Robert Kennedy Junior right? Was Covid-19 really just a rerun of the AIDS crisis that Fauci fabricated in the mid-80s? Surely, ABC viewers, long shielded from the truth about this and much else, were about to find out. This wasn’t charismatic, beguiling Hillary across from Ferguson with their shared disdain of deplorables . This was a gnarly little gnome with a hatred of humanity.

Our greatest forensic interrogator had the architect of so much public misery at her mercy. So how did it go?

They went 12 rounds but, sadly, I reckon the fix was in. They held each other up and barely a punch was thrown until the phantom of Trump appeared and both started swinging wildly at him. I won’t bore you with my reflections other than to observe Jane Halton and Bill Gates must have been rapturous over questions 2 and 3.

In short, Sarah did about everything but make him a cup of tree, press his pants and pick up the hotel room tab. Here are the questions she asked. I invite you to read them then compare them with the Great Fauci’s responses.

The 12 Questions

Q1How should we think about Covid now and the threat it still poses?

Q2Would vaccine equity, that is, getting vaccine to poorer countries have stopped some of the variants emerging?

Q3Is that the biggest failure of the way we anaged Covid? That is, countries keeping supplies of vaccines to themselves?

Q4How much of that was latent divisiveness in the community and how much do you sheet home to Donald Trump?

Q5Did he cost lives?

Q6 – You’ve said that people who refuse to get the vaccine for ideological reasons, that it pains you as a physician. What do you mean by that?

Q7Has public health been fatally damaged?

Q8 – Are you completely satisfied, now, that the virus didn’t eminate from a laboratory in Wuhan?

Q9We’re obviously going to remain vulnerable to zoonotic diseases, spillover diseases from animals. Have we learnt enough to protect the world from the next virus?”

Q10 -We’re obviously going to remain vulnerable to zoonotic diseases, spillover diseases from animals. Have we learnt enough to protect the world from the next virus?

Q11Are you genuinely confident that we’d do better?

Q12You say there’s always been spillover or zoonotic but we are changing the way humans and animals live together on earth. How dangerous does that make the potential for another pandemic?

The Full Interview

There are two types of people

In closing, The really important part of the interview, for me, came at the end where Ferguson set Fauci up to run his favoured zoonotic trope. Sadly, against the best evidence, Sarah left her viewers believing the bat and pandolin nonsense. No mention of Peter Daszak or easily found receipts for funding provided by Fauci’s own body, the NIAID.

This allowed him to project the Disney fantasy of a human / animal / climate change interface that forms the key elements of the next trap our masters are laying for us. This is a narrative that our elites hope will lead to a bright and continuingly prosperous reset for them but to a dark and deadly reversal for us replete with unending vaccine programs and contracting austerity.

This is our ABC. We need to get rid of it before it plays a key role in doing us in because surely that is what it is doing whether its woke audience realises it or not.

We will have to write a new narrative of our own without the help of the ABC and many of the institutions we once trusted. There will be many gaps in our knowledge and we will need to be brave, resourceful and collaborative to fill them.

It reminds me of an old joke:

“There are two types of people in the world. Those whose can extrapolate from limited information and …”

This article can also be found at Warren Ross’s Katoomba Review on Substack

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