Lie Number 3 – There are no adverse reactions.

This might be the biggest lie of all. It denies the experience of the growing number of people injured by these injections. It denies the experience and opportunity for redress for the families of the many who have been killed if not murdered.

You could watch or listen to Australian media and believe this vaccine project has brought nothing but joy. The only dark corner is the daily Covid briefings where stern state premiers and their sepulchral chief medical officers read out the calumnies of the unvaccinated and venerate the virtues of those vaxxed. Today, we were told that this latter group will soon be free.

This is unlike anything I have experienced. You hear stories from friends of friends. Rumours are rife but unsubstantiated. Public figures you don’t trust seem to be speaking truth and those you have more regard for appear to be lying. If not lying, then completely absorbed, entrapped and insulated by lies.

What we don’t hear is Michelle’s story or Robert’s story.

What do we know? Today’s Therapeutic Goods Administration’s (TGA) weekly adverse reaction report advised of 516 deaths soon after vaccination and 57,161 adverse reactions to vaccines from February 22 this year till now.

We know that NO-ONE died last week from a vaccine.

TGA – 9th September 2021

These figures are presented prominently in the TGA’s weekly adverse event reporting page. See link above.

What doesn’t feature as prominently is the number of deaths. You have to search, appropriately, for death. The TGA explains:

“As the number of vaccinated people has increased, so has reporting of fatal events with a coincidental association with vaccination. This does not indicate a link between vaccination and the fatalities reported. Review of individual reports and patterns of reporting does not suggest the vaccines played a role in these deaths.

So far, the TGA has found that 9 reports of deaths were linked to immunisation from 516 reports received and reviewed. These deaths occurred after the first dose of the Vaxzevria (AstraZeneca) vaccine – 8 were TTS cases and 1 was a case of immune thrombocytopenia (ITP)”.

This would seem to be news. How could it not be? Perhaps, when you’re running a vaccine project rather than a public safety one. We might even discuss what “received and reviewed” means. The TGA is a very careful body and the last thing it would want is for either Pfizer or AstraZeneca (I’m sticking with that name) to be embarrassed. So it might pay us to look a little wider for figures.

AusVaxSafety is another Federally funded organisation that is a little more active in seeking information on adverse impacts. It acts as though it actually wants to know. Its figures largely speak for themselves but the percentages here translate to 1,083,316 adverse reactions.

These are based on surveys so there may be double counting but you could reasonably expect our media to report on these and ask some questions. Here is a report of more recent work by AusVaxSafety in collaboration with National Centre for Immunisation and Research (NCIRS).

AuxVaxSafety –

Further evidence can be found by looking overseas. The Sydney law firm Ashley, Francina, Leonard and Associates has mounted a legal challenge against mandatory vaccinations in the NSW Supreme Court. As a preliminary to this action, solicitor Tony Nikolic from this firm wrote to NSW Deputy Premier Brad Hazzard outlining the basis of the challenge.

In a comprehensive and illuminating document, Nikolic alluded to Australia’s adoption of the UK method of reporting as a opposed to the more stringent US and European approach. Points 95 and 96 offer detailed, startling figures of European adverse reactions. These figures are a few months old and will have increased considerably by this time.

Have you heard of this? Have you heard of any comparison or discussion of the TGA’s relatively low number of recognised deaths? Have you heard of doctors not being allowed to air their concerns? No, then everything is working perfectly.

Big Pharma is in control. Roll up your arm and get ready for your 3rd, 4th and 5th injection. Pick up a sleeveless jumpsuit for your newborn from Amazon to save time and one of these fun masks for your pre-teen. And maybe even a Halo to let you know whether you’re angry.

And we haven’t heard Francesca’s or Ronnies’s story.

The OUR VOICES MATTER project is doing a wonderful job in bringing stories of Australians who have been drastically and directly impacted by these vaccines. Had any of these stories reached mainstream media it may have started the conversation we so desperately need to have. How have they been kept from us? By any measure, this a remarkable achievement.

Our Voices Matter

This is part 4 of a 6 part series
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2 thoughts on “A new set of lies – Part 4

  1. The best analysis I’ve seen so far of the Adverse Events issue is by Jessica Rose.

    She draws mainly on US data. A similar analysis should be done urgently for Australia, although I’m not sure the DAEN is sufficiently comprehensive to do that in full. As Dr Rose explains, the US data is also rather woeful – but not so patchy that conclusions can’t be drawn by this stage.

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