Fauci Faces Ferguson

Two nights ago, the ABC’s (Australian Broadcasting Commission) ace reporter, Sarah Ferguson, interviewed one of the great criminals of the last two thousand years. There is no hyperbole in this and if you found any then your ignorance is now on full display.

Sometimes the ABC produces programs so exquisitely designed to get on my nerves that I fear NSW Health has handed on my DNA from one of those foolishly taken local PCR-tests and Yuval Harari already has me hacked.

Every sentence, every stupid question, every simpering appeal to this monster appeared carefully crafted to jangle my nerves. I normally leave the room week nights when this Hillary Clinton groupie turns up but I was intrigued to hear what she might contrive with this rat. He was cornered. For God’s sake, Sarah, snap the trap. Nothing, NOTHING. In seconds I went from homicidal to suicidal, due to the absence of an appropriate victim. After a mere three minutes, I ran from the room to save my life.

I wonder why the comments were turned off. In fact, I have just checked another couple of ABC videos related to Fauci and all comments are tuned off. What are they afraid of?
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Rachel Schraer “Lies Suddenly”

Open letter to the to Rachel Schaer,
the BBC’s Disinformation Officer

Thanks, Rachel, for your review of the film “Died Suddenly. May I congratulate you on the speed of this hit job. I note you are employed as a dis / mis information officer at the BBC. I am aware that the BBC is the centre of The Trusted News Initiative set up in the middle of 2019 just in time to control the Covid-19 mainstream media narrative.

This is the work you are continuing. You and others have sought to conceal the murder and maiming of an enormous numbers of people around the world.

I have watched the film and found much of its evidence and narrative compelling. There may have been errors and I look forward to people pointing them out. In the meantime, I urge people to make up their own minds after watching.

The purpose of your review was, obviously, to dissuade people from watching it. Such criminality is not what we need at present. We need curiosity, understanding and action. Amnesty can wait and I fear there will be little for people like you.

Below I take the key elements of your article which will stand as an exemplar of mainstream media deceit and the pathologising of journalism. Your review of the film is puerile at best. I will leave it to others to offer a less objective perspective:

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Let’s go for a little walk…don’t ask where. We’ll tell you later

Be careful of offering advice because someone might take it. This is something these 12 experts referred to below might have considered before they decided the Pfizer, AstraZeneca and Moderna offerings were safe, effective and needed.

Australia’s very own misinformation 12 have now co-authored a paper that will provide:
Key lessons from the COVID-19 public health response in Australia – The Lancet Regional Health – Western Pacific.

I will first introduce you to the authors through links to their articles and comments and then discuss each of their 10 key lessons. All contributors appear to be strongly behind the official Covid-19 response.

My comments are those of an ignorant observer. I can’t claim clinical qualifications or special insights but I have watched as only one side of a story has been told. I have also listened to some of the smartest people in the world who have made me suspect that something is wrong. That suspicion prompts me to write now.

I am not sure many in this group are the right people to be offering further advice. They live in a world where masks, lockdowns and distancing are effective, PCR tests are perfectly accurate, the injections work beautifully and adverse events are rare, if they happen at all.

The authors have been carny barkers for Big Pharma bioweapons? Shot one, failed then shot two but they continued to call: “Step right up”. Sadly, many people have.

Apologies to Tom Waits
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How did I get Covid-19 right and a world famous cardiologist get it so wrong?

A humble man’s story.

That title isn’t reflecting my assessment but that of Dr Aseem Malhotra. How could someone working in a small aged care facility 100 kilometres from Sydney read things right while someone with his expertise and training read things so poorly? And this is no ego trip. Many others with no medical background read the signs. They, too, chose not to be injected and paid a price for this decision.

The media was a big help to me. A key message was repeated regardless of which mainstream media, government website, politician, celebrity medic or journalist you listened to. It was obvious a large corporate rat was in the building somewhere even if you couldn’t smell him.

“These vaccines are safe and effective”,

supported by:

“If you care about your family, your community and your job, you’ll go and get one or four vaccines.”

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A Pharmacist Sets Me Straight

During the working week, I’m spending time in one of Sydney’s smallest suburbs. It is so small it doesn’t have a bank or a teller machine. Locals rely on a 7-11 where you are stung $2.50 for every cash withdrawal.

This suburb doesn’t have a general store and even shares a postcode. Yet, there are two pharmacies and I was outside one of them last Monday morning waiting for it to open. It was 10 minutes past the advertised opening time as I waited with a fellow who turned out to be a pharmacist there to do relief work. He explained, the head pharmacist needed to kick-start this operation had been delayed in traffic.

So my new friend and I filled in the time discussing our Covid-19 experiences. He advised that this pharmacy had been so busy that management needed to put someone on just to answer the phone.

I shared that I was not vaccinated and my family had relied on Ivermectin to pass safely through the Covid crisis to this point. It was then that the discussion took an uncertain turn. This is as faithful a record of our discussion as my memory allows.

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Julian, the Queen & Covid-19

Assange in Context

Last Saturday, my friends in the Blue Mountains held a protest at Echo Point in support of Julian Assange. Indigenous Elder Aunty Carol Cooper welcomed us to this sacred women’s space. The plan from there was for self-nominated speakers to mount an empty chair next to three locals wearing masks representing Edward Snowden, Julian Assange and Chelsea Manning. Each speaker took a couple of minutes to make their case. United in purpose, all was going splendidly until Snowden leapt from his chair to assail a newly arrived protester.

Snowden, Assange and Manning at Echo Point

The new arrival was distributing little Australian flags to hesitant members of the crowd. People accepted them with the alacrity of someone handed an undefused bomb. Brave Snowden snatched those he could wrestle free from the flag-bearer and demanded an end to this insult.

The flag-bearer replied: “This is the Australian flag”. Threats followed back and forth with each promising to flatten the other. Thus our efforts to free Julian were delayed until the flag-bearer retreated and Snowden remounted his chair.

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Changes to Reserve Bank and Banking Acts

Proposed changes to the acts noted in the heading are astounding in their breadth and likely impact. They also represent a massive lost opportunity. The sort of opportunity we might take if we had a Labor Government working in the public interest as a Curtin / Chifley government had once done. Men like this ran a Labor Party that protected the public against financial overreach. Today, Labor sees its responsibilities quite differently.

Contact Your Local Member

After reading my submission, I hope you will take action and contact your local member. If you live in the Blue Mountains, your local representative is Susan Templeman.
Phone: (02) 4573 8222
Email: Susan.Templeman.MP@aph.gov.au

What follows is my submission to Susan Templeman, expressing my opposition to changes to the Reserve Bank Act (1959) and the Banking Act (1959). These are the result of a Reserve Bank review. You can find the original document here.

My Submission:

22nd November 2023

ATTENTION: Federal Member for Macquarie, Ms Susan Templeman
I am writing to express my unequivocal opposition to Recommendation 1 and its sub-clauses recorded in the document titled:
RBA Review – An RBA Fit for the Future (see p17).

My reasons follow:

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Klaus Schwab, WHO and my local representative

My local political representative finds Klaus Schwab in her office

An open letter to my Federal representative

A couple of months ago, I wrote to my local Federal Parliamentary representative on the issue of proposed amendments to International Health Regulations (2005). I believe these amendments are an attempt to strip us of our individual rights. They are designed to rob us of national sovereignty and hand control of national health policy to unelected technocrats housed within international organisations such as the World Health Organisation (WHO), the United Nations (UN) and even the World Economic Forum (WEF).

Over the past couple of years. I have written to Susan Templeman, the member for Macquarie, regularly to raise my concerns over what I perceived as the dangers of allowing large pharmaceutical interests and their local servants to guide Australia’s approach to Covid-19 pandemic management. Though out of government for the first two years of the Covid crisis, her party preferred to seek political advantage rather than challenge or question state and national policies that were chaotic at best.

Her party, the Australian Labor Party, called for more rigorous implementation of these failed policies such as perennial vaxxing, even harsher lockdowns and ubiquitous masking. They even made these demands centrepieces of their election campaigns at the Federal, State and local levels. Unsurprisingly, my challenges received the usual “I trust the science” pat response

Are you a good person?

I am concerned now that further looming encroachments, even attacks, on human rights will meet the same supine compliance or neglect. This is coupled with cynical appeals being made to our sense of social responsibility, as were clearly employed during an extraordinary campaign to have us injected with untested, experimental mRNA injections. Are you a good person? The same social engineering is being used to pressure us into acceptance of potentially calamitous proposed options in addressing climate change, transgenderism and more recently the Voice,

I am writing this open letter to encourage others to join me in challenging their local politicians. I also welcome any suggestions or observations.

Attention: Susan Templeman, Member for Macquarie, New South Wales

Dear Susan

Thank you reply for your reply, on 9th February 2023, to my original correspondence on 7th February of that month.  

This correspondence raised a number of concerns for me. Firstly, you point to the Joint Standing Committee on Treaties (JSCOT). This is a common area of confusion. My correspondence referred to the International Health Regulations (2005) Amendments. I am not referring to the Treaty which appears to be running in parallel to the amendments push and is causing a lot of confusion. It is not clear that JSCOT will have jurisdiction or veto power over these amendments. These are not merely of concern to Australians but are causing consternation across the world.

These concerns and dangers to national sovereignty are expressed eloquently and recently by Mr Danny Kruger, Member of Parliament for Devizes in Wiltshire, UK. How remarkably polite the English are.

There is also a precedent for my reasonable concerns regarding the potential disregard of national sovereignty and unilateral overreach by the WHO. On 27th May 2022, amendments were passed by 194 unelected members of the World Health Assembly using the “silence procedure”.

Silent Consent

Along with the matters raised by Mr Kruger, I have very real concerns that the public interest will be bypassed in the approval of these amendments. A full discussion of what happened in May last year can be found by following this link to James Roguski’s valuable work.

I also note from your correspondence that: “Our position is that the Australian Government is dedicated to strengthening national and global pandemic prevention, preparedness, and response”

and that:
“The new agreement is intended to strengthen the international community’s efforts towards future pandemics. It will provide an opportunity to strengthen global health systems, disease surveillance, and enhance equity in pandemic response”.

Threats will be normalised

In support of this, you directed me to an Australian government site that linked to this document:
Strengthening global health and international pandemic response | Australian Government Department of Health and Aged Care
This pointed me to: Covid-19 Make it the Last Pandemic. I quote from page 19:

“Most of the new pathogens are zoonotic in origin”.

This seems to ignore the fact that the most recent example of an outbreak – Covid-19 – was almost certainly a human creation, whether from Chapel Hill in North Carolina or Wuhan in China. Alternatively, we could also ask whoever made this virus to stop. My concern is that after viewing these documents they have plans to make more. As an aside, I have recently become aware of alarming links that the Doherty Institute may have with bioweapon research projects overseas.

Instead of looking further into the above document, I thought this complementary report: CSIRO’s strengthening Australia’s Pandemic Preparedness would provide a more relevant and valuable local slant. This report further emphasises my alarm at WHO deliberations. It appears designed to promote permanent vigilance and public anxiety that danger exists around every corner at all times. It intends to be predictive.

It calls for links between local and overseas technocrats who will respond to predefined protocols designed to trigger immediate action overwriting human rights and national sovereignty. By then, individual concerns will be long dispensed with.

Is this alarmism? I refer to the proposed change to Article 3 of the IHR (2005) Amendments referred to in earlier correspondence:

1. The implementation of these Regulations shall be

”with full respect for the dignity, human rights and fundamental freedoms of persons”


based on the principles of equity, inclusivity, coherence and in accordance with their common but differentiated responsibilities of the States Parties, taking into consideration their social and economic development.”

I have read this document and the changes are substantial and far-reaching in their implications. The amendments amount to more a complete rewrite rather than minor amendments.

Equity and Inclusivity are being weaponised

Yet, this is just one challenge that looms like an internationally guided missile directed at our sanity and security. There are other government initiatives that seek to curb individual rights and freedoms, supposedly, for the public good. All is coaxed in the terms of equity & inclusivity and demand we sacrifice ourselves in favour of the community.

This was the argument used to enforce Covid compliance. It worked so well that the champions of climate catastrophe, the transgender social program and more recently THE VOICE are now giving this technique a run. The same demonisation of people who question these narratives is freely employed by our sycophantic media and our avoidant political class.

A brief note on the current Transgender push. This project is about as organic and grassroots as a Bill Gates lab meat hamburger. It is backed by an organisation called Human Rights Campaign which is funded by Mark Zuckerberg, Jack Dorsey, George Soros and Planned Parenthood. In some states of the US, this latter organisation offers adolescent girls puberty blocking medication on the first visit. It is also backed by one of the world’s largest legal firms (now in Australia) which plans to remove the parental right to “interfere” in a child’s gender choice. In the United States, gender clinics have grown from 1 in 2007 to 300 today. This is clearly a very powerful movement. This is an attack on family and society.

Similarly, the Covid project had the backing of the world’s biggest pharmaceutical companies, the medical establishment (public and private) across the world, the US Department of Defense (who manufactured the mRNA injections) and the Trusted News Initiative that made sure all of our media told us the same lies about “safe and effective”. There was little that was organic or grassroots about this hugely coordinated campaign. I am similarly concerned very powerful interests sit behind the gender, Voice and climate change urgings.

The World Economic Forum – the elephant with its own government office

Some of this urging comes from the peripatetic and highly influential World Economic Forum (WEF). In my experience, local politicians like to pretend they know nothing of this organisation. If this ploy isn’t doesn’t work, the questioning subject is likely to be labelled a conspiracy theorist.

Yet, this article that you directed me to: “Strengthening global health and international pandemic response”, is linked from an Australian Government website, and reveals the members of the panel overseeing the world’s future response to pandemicsOver half are members of the World Economic Forum. The remaining members are linked to organisations with strong global interests such as the United Nations.

Helen Clark – World Economic Forum
Ellen Johnson Sirleaf – World Economic Forum
Mauricio Cardenas – World Economic Forum
Mark Dybul – World Economic Forum
Joanne Liu – World Economic Forum
David Milliband – World Economic Forum
Ernest Zedillo – World Economic Forum
Thoraya Obaid- variety of high profile links
Malebona Precious Mastoso – UN Secretary General’s High Level Panel on Access to Medicines
and former Director at the World Health Organisation (WHO)
Aya Chebbi – Sustainable Development Goals Action Award Winner
Michael Kazatchine – director Global Fund to Fight Aids
worked “close and personal with Anthony Fauci
Preeti Sudan – former Secretary Health India
Zhong Nanshan – Chinese advisor on health policy

It is time we had a serious discussion about the issues I have raised. I would appreciate the opportunity to discuss them with you, personally. Better still, why not hold a public meeting which will give you the opportunity to allay the concerns of Macquarie residents. This would also save you the time of numerous local engagements.

Yours Faithfully

Warren Ross

NB: This article can also be found at Katoomba Review’s substack site

Know Your Customer

If we had truth in advertising, the central character in a bank advertisement would be a big dumb oaf with dementia.

On Monday I went to one of our fabulous banks. My purpose was to transfer ALL money from one account to another and close the empty account. It wasn’t my account. Before you call the police, I was doing this on behalf of my mother who had given me the right to act on her behalf.

The Odyssey begins

Visit One: Seems I don’t have the required authority to perform this task. I need to return with the owner of the account.

Visit 2: After waiting 45 minutes, we find my mother hasn’t brought enough information to prove who she is. This is despite being a customer of the bank for 60 years and having dealt with this branch for 30. We were battling with a new set of Federal Government rules called, ironically, “Know Your Customer”.

Visit 3: We returned with enough information to construct a family history going back to the middle ages. An abrasive member of staff with a sound knowledge of the rules explained that we had failed again. The photo-id that we brought, following the previous day’s bank advice, was invalid. Helpfully, she said go to the NSW Services office upstairs and get a photo-id. With rage mounting, I headed upstairs.

…this branch and many others no longer accept cash

Services New South Wales employee

Services NSW: Brilliant service, I put my hand out for the ID to be told by staff it will be mailed in 5 to 10 days. I also heard them say that this branch and many others no longer accept cash. A government office that does NOT accept cash? Is that legal?

Visit 4: Now desperate, we returned to the bank and asked to see someone less skilled in obeying rules and with some training in customer service. Seems this is a high level skill in a modern day bank so we were introduced to Jason, the Manager. After reviewing our case, Jason was distraught. Through sobs, he explained there was nothing he could do until we came back with proof of who the person sitting in front of him was. The customer, who has had an account at this bank prior to Jason’s birth, needed to try harder to prove her identity.

I decided against confiding to him that few people of my mother’s era were married at birth.

Further, he explained that whatever proof we had must match EXACTLY the name on the bank account. So the birth certificate we carried was a problem because it carried my mother’s maiden name. I decided against confiding to him that few people of my mother’s era were married at birth. That name stipulation also meant the Services NSW id-card will be invalid because we errantly put a middle name on the one we had just ordered.

In short, we needed 100 identification points. No-one could show us the rule book or tell us how to score in this game

Head office helps

So I rang the bank’s head office to have the rules explained. Seems I needed just two easily forged pieces of paper. Confidently, I prepared for my next battle with the local bank.

Visit 5: Jason meets me near the bank entrance :
Bank Manager: Do you have everything?
Knowing I did, I showed him my homework.
Bank Manager: Do you have the pension card?
Me: You mean the one that scored no points yesterday?
Bank Manager: Yes, that one.
Me: No.
At this point I became irrationally angry. Jason took this opportunity to ask:
“Do you want my help or not?”
It appeared to be a prelude to what he saw as a justified and principled reason to end our relationship. I accepted yet another defeat and withdrew graciously.

Visit 6:
I returned ever hopeful and after a 15 minute wait Jason addressed our problem to everyone’s satisfaction.

The system works great but I am a failure

In summary, I don’t blame Jason. He is a decent fellow as needled by the rules as I was. He was helpful, we had a pleasant chat and left friends. Under the rules of neoliberalism the system is perfect and all failure is personal. I had failed 5 times. You meet the terms of the system regardless of how arduous and silly or you fail.

Which brings me to this wonderful interview conducted by C. J. Hopkins with Catherine Austin Fitts. It explains how trillions of US dollars disappeared down a Pentagon money shaft. This was achieved through an arcane relationship with the Reserve Bank system.

In the last two years, the largest negative gearing program in history provided the VERY BIG END OF TOWN with unlimited funds to capitalise on the destruction of small business that Covid-19 policies wrought in the US, Australia and much of the western world. Was it a plan?

The plan to get rid of legacy systems. This means online education, health, shopping and more predicted in April 2020. In short, the plan was to limit the impact of the biohazard from the economy. What is that? You and me. Whitney Webb explains all to Jimmy Dore.

Our Reserve Bank Governor, Phillip Lowe, promised borrowers as late as July last year that interest rates wouldn’t rise until 2024. The enormous sums that western governments were spending undoubtedly presaged inflation. I explained this to anyone who might want to listen. So it proved to be. Was Lowe’s promise a lie or a deception? What happened to concerns about the surplus.? Did he mean to entice and trap people into unpayable mortgages?

This will be passed off as a mistake by one man. The Pentagon theft is likely to be passed off similarly as a rogue act. People make mistakes but the system is perfect. Yet, these are big mistakes that have seen huge amounts of money transferred to God knows who.

The sale of Federal Government bonds is our national debt. I once tried to find out who we owed that debt to? It is not for us to know or for us to find out. “Know Your Customer” does not operate here.

Meanwhile, in modern day Australia an elderly pensioner seeking money for an essential service from her own account is treated as one half of Bonnie and Clyde. If you’re under 40 look up who they are on that Google thing.

All the best

This article can also be found on my Substack site

Warren Ross

We Must Protect the Fear

“This is a story of concerned people who wish to visit our region to understand the impact of Covid-19 and its experimental injections on its residents. More importantly, it is also a story of the people who want to stop them. Want to know more about this group’s visit to Katoomba on 25th September?

I live in a small town 100 kilometres west of Sydney. It is part of the ancient Blue Mountains and is one of Australia’s major tourist regions. It is also favoured by many artists, musicians and writers drawn to the beauty of the region and, until recently, cheaper housing.

Katoomba NSW Australia

For 25 years, my town, Katoomba, was home to one of the country’s largest community festivals. Held on the weekend nearest the winter solstice, it was a time when we took over our town and the bureaucrats at the Blue Mountains City Council lived in fear of what we might do. Our shops became art galleries and the whole town became a performance space. Attendance grew from a few thousand in 1994 to 40-50,000 in later years.

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